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Duke London :: 04.07.2020
The Rona is peaking this week so make sure to let it know there's a bottle of water right next to it if it needs some and if the trip... Read more

Ben Hundreds Ranks the Top Ten #1 Best Tacos in LA

Ben Hundreds :: 04.07.2020
After years of refusing to give up the secret sauce, Ben Hundreds is finally putting all the speculation to rest and ranking his ten favorite tacos in Los Angeles. Read more

The Hundreds X Blue The Great

The Hundreds Staff :: 04.01.2020
The highly-anticipated collaboration between Blue The Great and The Hundreds is finally here! Take a peek at the lookbook and get your hands on these pieces before they're gone. Read more

Surviving and Thriving with Blue The Great

Duke London :: 04.01.2020
We sat down with Blue The Great to discuss our new collab, his self-shot lookbook, and surviving the quarantine. Read more

QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 6 :: The Walls Are Closing In

Duke London :: 03.31.2020
The Saga Continues Read more

The Hundreds X Roald Dahl

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.25.2020
The collection you've all been waiting for, The Hundreds X Roald Dahl, is out now. All your favorite characters are here, from Matilda to Charlie and Willy Wonka. Read more

QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 5 :: Our Pets Heads are Falling Off

Duke London :: 03.25.2020
We're getting pretty deep into this Quarantine. How's everyone holding up? Read more

What Matilda Means to Mara

Caitlin White :: 03.23.2020
Ahead of the The Hundreds by Roald Dahl collaboration, we spoke with Matilda actress Mara Wilson about the character's impact on her life, her relationship with Danny DeVito, and a... Read more

QUARANTINE Q&A :: Chad Muska

Duke London :: 03.23.2020
We wanted to tap in with one of our most positive friends first. You know, trying to maybe catch a vibe and see the brighter side of this whole thing.... Read more

11 Words Roald Dahl Invented that We Need to Start Using ASAP

Rae Witte :: 03.20.2020
Roald Dahl had a way with words that appealed to children so much that he invented over 500 new words and we’ve selected 11 words you need to incorporate into... Read more


Duke London :: 03.20.2020
It's day four of the end of the world and LA just closed everything. Read more

QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 3 :: Things are Getting Weird

Duke London :: 03.19.2020
Is anyone still out there? [crickets] Read more


Duke London :: 03.19.2020
Another day at home, almost out of snacks already. This is gonna be ugly. Read more

LA Artist Keebs is Really a Whole Mood Right Now

Lisa Kwon :: 03.13.2020
Keebs is a digital illustrator with the quintessential L.A. painter’s palette. His pastel-hued neon colors accurately depict the romantic wash over Los Angeles in its lonely hours. He is a... Read more


Duke London :: 03.13.2020
Sooo you're stuck at home for what seems like an eternity until the apocolypse chills out? Don't trip, we have plenty of weird internet things for you to look at... Read more

FREEZE FRAME :: Disco Cubes is Turning Ice into Timeless Art

Caitlin White :: 03.11.2020
Recently, Leslie Kirchhoff took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss the Disco Cubes project — and her new book — with us. Read our conversation and your... Read more

The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.11.2020

HOLY S#!% :: The Hundreds Warehouse Sale is BACK (UPDATE)

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.06.2020
The title is kind of a spoiler but yeah, The Hundreds Warehouse Sale is back. Read more

No, Bryan Ray Turcotte Won't Sell You Any of His Incredible Punk Shirt Collection

Tony Rettman :: 03.05.2020
We recently spoke with Bryan Ray Turcotte while he was in his LA studio to discuss how he amassed his extensive collection of punk shirts, the importance of documenting them,... Read more

Memphis Rapper Duke Deuce is Keeping Crunk Alive

Malcolm Trapp :: 03.04.2020
Confident and hungry for success, it should be no surprise that Duke Deuce’s demeanor is propelling him to the top. In our recent conversation, we talked about his rise to... Read more