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QUARANTINE LIVE BLOG 3 :: Things are Getting Weird

Duke London :: 03.19.2020
Is anyone still out there? [crickets] Read more


Duke London :: 03.19.2020
Another day at home, almost out of snacks already. This is gonna be ugly. Read more

LA Artist Keebs is Really a Whole Mood Right Now

Lisa Kwon :: 03.13.2020
Keebs is a digital illustrator with the quintessential L.A. painter’s palette. His pastel-hued neon colors accurately depict the romantic wash over Los Angeles in its lonely hours. He is a master o... Read more


Duke London :: 03.13.2020
Sooo you're stuck at home for what seems like an eternity until the apocolypse chills out? Don't trip, we have plenty of weird internet things for you to look at while you pass the time. Read more

FREEZE FRAME :: Disco Cubes is Turning Ice into Timeless Art

Caitlin White :: 03.11.2020
Recently, Leslie Kirchhoff took some time out of her busy schedule to discuss the Disco Cubes project — and her new book — with us. Read our conversation and your at-home cocktail game will thank you. Read more

The Hundreds by Kenny Scharf

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.11.2020

HOLY S#!% :: The Hundreds Warehouse Sale is BACK (UPDATE)

The Hundreds Staff :: 03.06.2020
The title is kind of a spoiler but yeah, The Hundreds Warehouse Sale is back. Read more

No, Bryan Ray Turcotte Won't Sell You Any of His Incredible Punk Shirt Collection

Tony Rettman :: 03.05.2020
We recently spoke with Bryan Ray Turcotte while he was in his LA studio to discuss how he amassed his extensive collection of punk shirts, the importance of documenting them, and the state of punk ... Read more

Memphis Rapper Duke Deuce is Keeping Crunk Alive

Malcolm Trapp :: 03.04.2020
Confident and hungry for success, it should be no surprise that Duke Deuce’s demeanor is propelling him to the top. In our recent conversation, we talked about his rise to fame, embracing his Memph... Read more

Meet the Man Behind Culture PDX and the Biggest Nike ACG Archive You’ll Ever See

Rae Witte :: 02.27.2020
As Culture PDX enters their third year, we had Tanner Gimbel walk us through the most rare Nike ACG pieces that have landed in his shop and the stories behind them. Read more

The Hundreds Tyvek Pack

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.26.2020
Tyvek is a synthetic, water-resistant, highly durable non-tearable material that is used in the construction of everyday items like packaging materials, mailing envelopes, and protective coveralls.... Read more

THE COMEBACK :: Kamaiyah on Going Independent and Bringing Boss Energy All 2020

Eric Diep :: 02.24.2020
We spoke with rapper Kamaiyah about leaving her label deal, working with Trina, and missing Kobe Bryant. Her new project is available now. Read more

Chrle. Founder Charlie is Breaking the Mold by Staying True to His Story

Duke London :: 02.20.2020
The Hundreds Blog spoke with Chrle. founder Charlie about his inspirations, his brand's momentum, and his extensive work with YG, who appears in an exclusive lookbook we debut in the story. Read more

Valentine's Day is Gross But Brittney Scott Makes it Better

Justin Esposito :: 02.14.2020
We know, we know. You’re already sick of Valentine’s Day content and it’s not even lunch yet. Scrolling Twitter for like ten minutes on this God-forsaken holiday was enough to make one hurl. But we... Read more

AVAILABLE NOW :: The Adam Bomb Pack

Amy Snowdon :: 02.12.2020
On Thursday, February 13th, The Hundreds will release a limited edition Adam Bomb Pack, featuring brand new pieces and older fan favorites. The Adam Bomb Pack sees our beloved mascot taking new for... Read more

Slug Told Us Atmosphere’s New Album Sounds French

Taylor Engle :: 02.11.2020
Avid Atmosphere fans lit up at the news that the dynamic duo would be going on tour at the top of 2020, and the excitement only heightened when a few short days after the announcement, a new album ... Read more

REMEMBER TO NEVER DIE :: Five Lessons We Can Learn From Anime

Sandy Mosqueda :: 02.10.2020
After countless hours of watching anime while smoking and snacking, I did what any adult would do. I thought, “God, is this really my life? What a loser.” *skips intro on next episode* Read more

Hint of Cinnamon: Kendra Norwood is Fighting the War Against the War on Drugs

Caitlin White :: 02.07.2020
Kendra Norwood wants to smoke. She offers me a joint before our interview, sitting in her sunny, cozy apartment at Adams and Crenshaw, where she lives with her partner. But weed often clouds my abi... Read more

TRUE TO IT, NOT NEW TO IT: The Brooklyn Dom Interview

Duke London :: 02.07.2020
Brooklyn Dom has seen it all, done it all, been to hell and back, and miraculously, lived to tell the tale. From national champion BMX rider to legendary rock-and-roll roadie to MTV VJ to OG skate ... Read more

Brooklyn Dom Let Us Look in His Phone and it's a Crazy Place

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.06.2020
Dom DeLuca’s Brooklyn Projects is turning 25. Holy shit. You don’t need me to tell you how old that is in streetwear years. It’s ancient. But Brooklyn Dom has remained relevant all these years b... Read more