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AVAILABLE NOW :: The Adam Bomb Pack

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.12.2020
On Thursday, February 13th, The Hundreds will release a limited edition Adam Bomb Pack, featuring brand new pieces and older fan favorites. The Adam Bomb Pack sees our beloved mascot taking new for... Read more

Slug Told Us Atmosphere’s New Album Sounds French

Taylor Engle :: 02.11.2020
Avid Atmosphere fans lit up at the news that the dynamic duo would be going on tour at the top of 2020, and the excitement only heightened when a few short days after the announcement, a new album ... Read more

REMEMBER TO NEVER DIE :: Five Lessons We Can Learn From Anime

Sandy Mosqueda :: 02.10.2020
After countless hours of watching anime while smoking and snacking, I did what any adult would do. I thought, “God, is this really my life? What a loser.” *skips intro on next episode* Read more

Hint of Cinnamon: Kendra Norwood is Fighting the War Against the War on Drugs

Caitlin White :: 02.07.2020
Kendra Norwood wants to smoke. She offers me a joint before our interview, sitting in her sunny, cozy apartment at Adams and Crenshaw, where she lives with her partner. But weed often clouds my abi... Read more

TRUE TO IT, NOT NEW TO IT: The Brooklyn Dom Interview

Duke London :: 02.07.2020
Brooklyn Dom has seen it all, done it all, been to hell and back, and miraculously, lived to tell the tale. From national champion BMX rider to legendary rock-and-roll roadie to MTV VJ to OG skate ... Read more

Brooklyn Dom Let Us Look in His Phone and it's a Crazy Place

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.06.2020
Dom DeLuca’s Brooklyn Projects is turning 25. Holy shit. You don’t need me to tell you how old that is in streetwear years. It’s ancient. But Brooklyn Dom has remained relevant all these years b... Read more

The Hundreds X Brooklyn Projects 25th Anniversary Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.05.2020
On Thursday, February 6th, The Hundreds and Brooklyn Projects are adding to their long history of collaborations with the biggest collection yet. Brooklyn Projects’ Dom DeLuca has been a mainstay i... Read more

Brooklyn Dom's BMX Bike Collection is Worth More Than Your Life

The Hundreds Staff :: 02.03.2020
Ahead of the release of The Hundreds X Brooklyn Projects on February 6th, we caught up with Brooklyn Dom at his Melrose Mancave to get an exclusive look at his collection and force him to pick his ... Read more

DESSIE DOES IT ALL :: How Dessie Jackson Went From Tumblr to the Top of the Charts

Duke London :: 01.31.2020
Dessie Jackson is better at like ten different things than any of us will ever be at one. And while most of us would normally feel sick about that, she’s also amazing at making you forget about all... Read more

BEHIND THE DESIGN :: Spring 2020 Delivery One

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.30.2020
We spoke with each member of our design team to hear the inspos and thought process that went into making our most ambitious work yet, the Spring 2020 collection. Read more

The Hundreds Spring 2020 Collection

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.29.2020

REST IN PEACE :: Kobe Bryant and Eight Others Die in Helicopter Crash

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.27.2020
Yesterday was a day unlike any other. As a gloomy fog held steady over Los Angeles County for the entire weekend, the city and the world beyond lost one of its brightest stars, Kobe Bryant. The 41... Read more

How the Face Mask Became an Environmental, Political, and Stylistic Staple

Kish Lal :: 01.22.2020
At this year’s Paris Fashion Week, Cardi B made quite the statement. For the entirety of the event, she kept her face under wraps with designs from Marine Serre and #Ecosys as well as a custom jewe... Read more

CHICAGO TO CRENSHAW :: Comedian Lil Rel Howery Has Been Preparing for Success His Whole Life

Shirley Ju :: 01.17.2020
When Milton Howery, Jr. was balling out on the court in high school, friends and family back home on the West Side of Chicago were reminded of his older cousin, Darrel, and nicknamed him as such. W... Read more

100 PERCENT ORGANIC :: Casey Veggies is Back and Better Than Ever

Malcolm Trapp :: 01.14.2020
At the early age of fourteen, Casey Veggies began to establish himself as one of the West Coast’s most spirited voices. His unique cadence and storytelling abilities were refreshing, and set him ap... Read more

Chicago’s Jack Larsen Had to Get Sick and Trip Out Before Finding His New Sound

Taylor Engle :: 01.13.2020
While feeling ill usually causes people to want to lie down and be as still as possible until it’s over, Chicago-based psychedelic pop artist Jack Larsen is inspired instead. In fact, it played a r... Read more

HINT OF CINNAMON :: Get High and Watch People Breakup to Feel Less Alone

Caitlin White :: 01.10.2020
Benjamin-Shalom Rodriguez has always navigated multiple identities, as his hyphenated last name probably indicates. Less than ten minutes into our first meeting, the LA-based screenwriter and direc... Read more

GIRLSPACE :: Empowering Compton's Next Generation of Women

The Hundreds Staff :: 01.09.2020
This past Summer, high school teacher Jacqulyn Whang was challenged as part of her fellowship to affect the community outside her school’s walls in a positive way. Whang, who works at Centennial Hi... Read more

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR :: The Best Stories of 2019

Duke London :: 12.31.2019
It’s been an amazing year at The Hundreds. While brands left and right failed to hang on to the ever-eroding ledge, we somehow managed to have one of our best years ever. Well, not somehow, I know ... Read more