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HEART AND SOLE :: How One Good Deed Inspired a Sneakerhead to Give 25,000 Homeless People New Shoes

Duke London :: 10.31.2020
When Rikki was a kid living in a homeless shelter with his mom, a stranger took him sneaker shopping to give him a new outlook on life. Now, he's done the same for more than 25,000 others. Read more

HALLOWEEN STAFF PICKS :: Top 3 Trick-or-Treat Candy

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.30.2020
For this week's Staff Picks, we're digging deep into the Trick-or-Treat bag for our favorite Halloween candy of all time. What are yours? Read more

ACROSS THE POND :: Lynders Chats with Veteran Metal A&R Ian Dickinson from Roadrunner Records

Lyndsay McLaren :: 10.29.2020
For the second edition of Across The Pond, Lynders catches up with Ian Dickinson to learn more about his love for music, sneakers, and vintage band tees. Read more

We Spoke With One of the Only People to Ever Survive Freddy Krueger

Duke London :: 10.28.2020
Freddy Krueger is one of the most prolific killers in history, brutally ending his victims with no mercy. But we found someone who survived... Read more

The Hundreds X A Nightmare On Elm Street

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.28.2020
...nine, ten... never sleep again... HAHAHAHA Freddy's here to haunt you once again, this time with The Hundreds X A Nightmare On Elm Street collection. Read more


The Hundreds Staff :: 10.28.2020

VOTE :: Election Day is 1 Week Away!

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.27.2020
One week. Seven days. Your destiny. Our future. (in my movie trailer voice) Read more

How Freddy Krueger Slashed His Way From Local Murderer to Pop Culture Icon

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.26.2020
In honor of The Hundreds collaboration with A Nightmare on Elm Street, we’ve dug through every corner of the internet to find all the times Freddy Krueger haunted our favorite shows, movies, and ga... Read more

HINT OF CINNAMON :: No Matter Which Lane She Picks, Ri Mortimore is Golden

Caitlin White :: 10.24.2020
For our latest Hint of Cinnamon profile, we spoke with Ri Mortimore about balancing her full-time job and side gig, which is making custom gold grills for rappers. Read more

STAFF PICKS :: Our Favorite Anime

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.23.2020
It's Friday so you know we had to ask The Hundreds Staff for their favorites. This week's topic was anime! Read more

DIGGING FOR LIGHT :: Wifisfuneral Eased His Pain Through Acceptance

Duke London :: 10.23.2020
After a tumultuous half-decade that coincided with his rise to fame, Wifisfuneral has had to learn as he goes. Finally, he's figuring it all out. Read more

ACROSS THE POND :: Introducing a New UK Column from Our Favourite Brit Lyndsay

Lyndsay McLaren :: 10.22.2020
Meet Lyndsay. She runs marketing for The Hundreds UK and loves skateboarding and rad music. She's also got a new column called Across The Pond. This is that column. Read more

LOOKBOOK :: The Hundreds X Secret Heart

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.21.2020
Peep all the looks from our latest collaboration, with anime streetwear brand Secret Heart Read more

Gabi from Secret Heart Gave Us the Lowdown on All Things Anime and Body Pillows

Duke London :: 10.21.2020
To celebrate the release of The Hundreds X Secret Heart, which features original characters based on Gabi and her two cats, I caught up with her mostly to learn more about this insane body pillow w... Read more

QUIBI IS DEAD :: Here's All Our Favorite Moments from the Short-Lived Streamer

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.21.2020
Well, Quibi lasted about ten minutes which is literally what it said it was going to do. Read more

AUX DUTY :: Secret Heart

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.20.2020
Ahead of our collaboration with Secret Heart, we handed them the AUX to play some music they listened to while creating this project with us. Enjoy this while you wait for The Hundreds X Secret Hea... Read more

Anime Music Videos Are Driving Hip-Hop’s Next Generation

Trey Alston :: 10.20.2020
Hip-hop and Anime have shared fans forever but a recent trend on YouTube finds the two worlds merging more than ever. Read more

This Year Has Been a Battle but Infantry Collective is Winning the War

Duke London :: 10.20.2020
There have been countless brands that have sprouted from The Hundreds Family Tree, and one of the best ones this year has been Infantry Collective. We spoke to the founders, who started it while wo... Read more

VOTE :: We're 2 Weeks Away From Election Day!!

The Hundreds Staff :: 10.19.2020
Just two weeks left until Election Day, make sure you fill out your ballots and turn them back in ASAP! Read more

Reese Cooper on Barbecue, Balance, and Being One with Nature

Duke London :: 10.16.2020
We caught up with fashion phenom Reese Cooper to discuss his first-ever collaboration, how he pivoted during the pandemic, and being ripped off. Read more