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HEX :: Thoughtful Bags & Accessories Inspired By Music, Textiles, & a VW Bus

John Pangilinan :: 07.24.2015
We catch up with co-founder of Hex, Trent Valladares, and learn about the history behind the mysterious VW bus, what collaborations HEX has done in the past, and where Trent draws his inspiration f... Read more

The Hundreds Presents A Free Bread & Waterbomb Event :: Aaron Kai Pop-Up Art Show

Kazie Holiday :: 07.23.2015
The Hundreds in collaboration with Free Bread and Waterbomb present: An Aaron Kai Solo Pop-Up Art Exhibit. Read more

7.23.15 :: Norse Projects, Shinola, Bellroy

Peter :: 07.23.2015
Vans Slip-On Sophisticated – The Vans Slip-On has always been viewed as the ultimate beater shoe. Serious slacker Jeff Spicoli rocked them all throughout Fast Times to solidify these joints in burn... Read more

Recording & Chugging :: A Day With Amsterdam's Hip Hop Trio Yung Internet

Texas Schiffmacher :: 07.23.2015
Having had a good experience capturing the SMIB guys in their natural habitat, Texas figured it was time to invade yet another group of up-and-coming creative individuals in the Dutch rap industry.... Read more

First Look at the Innovative New Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.23.2015
Converse just unveiled their groundbreaking updates to the classic Chuck Taylor silhouette with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II. Read more

Streetwear, Women, and the '90s :: Laura Callaghan's Badass & Beautiful Illustrations

Zio :: 07.23.2015
"I think once I... started drawing purely for pleasure, that’s when my style really began to develop." Irish-born artist Laura Callaghan discusses her incredibly vivid color palette, & the empo... Read more

Brand New Trailer For James Bond's "Spectre"

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.22.2015
In the aftermath of the attack on MI6, James Bond returns in the 24th addition to the franchise Spectre. His 4th time reprising the iconic role, Daniel Craig is paired up against the evil cunning o... Read more

7.22.15 :: Flatbush Zombies, Champion

Peter :: 07.22.2015
Champion Life 2015 Fall Collection – Champion went from supplying the NBA to being the uniform of dads riding in mowers. The brand has had its downs and is making its way up by choice collaboration... Read more

Video Recap :: Photographer Paul "Animal" Chan's "OFF SAFETY" Art Show at Kinfolk 94

Kazie Holiday :: 07.22.2015
Take a special look at photographer Paul "Animal" Chan's incredible art show, "OFF SAFETY," and hear a few words about the event from the man himself. Read more

Harlem MC Perrion on the Importance of Timing & Honesty in Hip-Hop

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.22.2015
Perrion, one of Harlem's finest young emcees, released a fire EP titled "Loose Change," so we caught up with him to talk about honesty, timing in the mixtape world, and his upcoming project MASS. Read more


VideoDaze :: 07.22.2015 Read more

TRUE STORY :: Behind the Corrupt California City True Detective's Vinci Is Based On

Rob Fee :: 07.22.2015
Rob Fee digs hilariously deep into the history of the "exclusively industrial" LA city where The Hundreds Homebase actually is. A city, he says, is "only a façade for making piles of money and wear... Read more

James Blake Confirms a Kanye West & Bon Iver Feature on Upcoming Album

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.21.2015
Not much is known about Radio Silence, the upcoming 3rd album by UK titan James Blake. But in a recent interview with Esquire, the gospel-influenced Brit did reveal that he was collaborating with p... Read more

A Wild, Weird, & Wonderful Film – The Overnight :: Q&A w/ Director Patrick Brice

Tyler Watamanuk :: 07.21.2015
"I feel like the loss of individualism after kids is something that every generation has had to deal with on some level. Ours is one that actually has an emotional language to navigate through it. ... Read more


Vito :: 07.21.2015
Vito first eyed this unique RA24 Toyota Celica at the Japanese Car show last September and has been wanting to shoot it ever since. See what he came up with. Read more

7.21.15 :: Concepts, Kitsuné, Saucony

Peter :: 07.21.2015
Saturdays Surf NYC Spring/Summer 2016– It seems like summer finally got underway, but in the fast-paced world of fashion, Saturdays is already looking into 2016. This New York-based brand continues... Read more


VideoDaze :: 07.21.2015 Read more

Lifestyle Brand Paterson League Pays Homage to New Jersey, Skate, & Tennis

Leland Ware :: 07.21.2015
Paterson League is a uniquely skateboarding and tennis-influenced brand whose founder German Nieves worked behind the scenes of 10 Deep and J. Crew before quitting to work on his brand full-time. Read more

Casey Neistat's New App Beme Aims for Authenticity in Social Media

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.20.2015
Currently downloading on the 5th page of our iPhones is Beme, yet another social sharing app. YouTube personality and producer Casey Neistat developed this app to deliver your “Authentic Self” to t... Read more

The Cuban Embassy Reopens in Washington D.C. After 54 Years

The Hundreds Staff :: 07.20.2015
Squashing the last 50 years of Cold War isolation, the United States and Cuba reopened their embassies in each other’s respective capitals today. A sign of the private diplomatic endeavors by the O... Read more