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Organized State of Mind :: What's Next with Lexdray

The Hundreds Staff :: 09.03.2014
Alex Drayer, founder and designer of bag company Lexdray, was featured on Hypebeast Essentials last year and the overhead shot is almost perplexing. There’s just so much stuff: a laptop, a tablet, ... Read more

A Look Into the New Parabellum Flagship Store

Rob :: 09.02.2014
Can you still make the finest leather goods in a town known for creating make believe? Parabellum thinks so. Can you make technical hard goods with free range bison leather? Parabellum can, and th... Read more


Peter :: 09.02.2014
Monocle Porcelain Set – If upgrading your life with finer things is a goal, then head straight over to Monocle. Besides giving sartorial advice, these guys are also always looking to upgrade your l... Read more

#WalkAlaska :: Gettin' Busy With Mother Nature

Jovell :: 09.02.2014
“Instameets are so last year.” “Y’all are laaaame, ain’t nobody tryna go outside and take photos.” Blah, blah, blah. That’s what everybody used to say – until #WalkAlaska started up. Founded by my ... Read more

Legacy, Adaptation, and Pizza :: Rizzo's of New York

Pete Pabon :: 09.02.2014
New York’s known for many things: the music, the people, the landmarks, the style, the food, and the nightlife. The latter two aren’t things most would think go hand in hand, but in New York, a nig... Read more


Mac :: 09.02.2014
The following “Behind the Shirt” feature is from The Hundreds’ Fall/Winter print magazine, releasing September 11th at The Hundreds’ flagship locations and in the Online Shop. Stay tuned for more d... Read more

A Conversation with Todd Bratrud of Send Help

Tucker Gerrick :: 09.02.2014
There’s a lot to say about a guy like Todd Bratrud. He’s a man of many qualities; ranging from quirky, brilliant, to reclusive and extremely driven. With being one of the most sought-after artists ... Read more

Alaska's Got Babes :: Angelina

Jovell :: 09.01.2014
Yo, what’s good y’all?! What did I miss? Anything new on your end? That’s a dumb question… I been gone for almost a month, do I really accept that nothing new happened?! Anyway, I’m back with a new... Read more


Peter :: 09.01.2014
Supreme x Vans – After seasons of classic Vans, Supreme steps out of its comfort zone and chooses the Native American as their latest collaborative silhouette. The skate shoes were first introduced... Read more

A New Musical Duo called A Billion Young

David Rasool :: 09.01.2014
I can’t remember the first time I heard the name A Billion Young.  It may have been have been from one of the new Saints we hired at the shop since he manages them, or it could have come before tha... Read more