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FOTOMISH :: On the Streets at Large

FOTOMISH :: On the Streets at Large

Greetings. I come in peace and offer you this bevy of snaps as a token of friendship.

Where it’s going down:  37.7833° N, 122.4167° W.

All photos below, except two, were snapped with the trusty Ricoh GR (a.k.a. The Poor Man’s Leica), my go-to street rig. The camera is compact and discreet, so people don’t really freeze up or push the panic button when I pull it out and start firing off frames like a gremlin on acid. It also blasts with a helluva kick.

A good chunk of these photos – maybe 85% of them – were snagged using the Ricoh’s on-camera flash, where I either dragged the shutter for the semi-haunting, psychedelic look (see first photo below), or dialed back the flash exposure compensation significantly to avoid too much fill light, resulting in blown out faces and/or other highlight issues. As mentioned in my previous post, I plan to write a piece about using flash, both indoors and outdoors, as well as during the day and night. Like most, I prefer natural light over anything, but the flash can be a true savior in both low and harsh light settings.



Tenderloin, USA.

No Simpin’ in the Pimpin… Tenderloin, The Continent.

Down for Whatever. Civic Center, SF. It’s funny ’cause there were hella UFOs lurking around when I snagged this shot. In fact, I think that dude on the bike is actually one. And if you don’t know, UFO stands for Undercover Five-O.

My 5-year-old puts in more work on the street than most adult “street photographers” I know… And he’s not scared to troop 5 miles through The City either. Starting him off right in this craft… 6th and Market… These streets are a real life video game. No need for any video game setups on the home front. The last system I owned was the original Nintendo.

The Hundreds’ Canadian Distributor Vanessa Tam of Take 5 Trading was in town and came lurking with us last weekend. Hope you had fun! #SOSMOBB


Hanging with the squad at Excelsior Park. Excelsior District, The Planet.

L to R: Richter Rog, Throttle Mafia, Pep 151, and Dom52.

Let’s get a session going.

Mandatory Rasta Dave dread Shot.

Shout out to the little homies.

Moving on over to the Haight, where the The Haight Street Music & Merchants Street Festival was happening. Great vibes all around, indeed.

Dusk in the Haight.

See ya!

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