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Thunder Down Under

Rob :: 12.24.2013
Last night at Jupiter’s Casino on the Gold Coast of Australia I attended a boxing match. I wasn’t there because it was an officially sanctioned Heavyweight event. That was just convenient entertai... Read more

Confetti Rain:: Karpe Diem

akam1k3 :: 12.24.2013
2013 has been a crazy year. Way to crazy. Never in my wildest dream did I think that I was going to be on tour with Norway’s biggest rap-duo – Karpe Diem. I became their official tour photographer,... Read more

Miami Times :: Part 3

V/SUAL :: 12.24.2013
The new day started for me out in Miami. I set up a shoot with a Suicide Girl who goes by the name Kush, for obvious reasons. We scheduled a time for her to come over to my hotel room for a fun ph... Read more


SDJ :: 12.23.2013
DJ Eli Escobar About 3 weeks ago, we lost a dear friend DJ Hiro. So a few nights ago we all gathered together to celebrate his life. The turnout was amazing. The line up of djs was one for the his... Read more


Zach and Johnny :: 12.23.2013
Had the opportunity to catch up with widely known and radio respected DJ – Mando Fresko of Power 106 FM – to rap about his Top Five favorite sneakers and the best views in Los Angeles (hint: we are... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 12.23.2013
On December 14th, Red Eye Inc. held a toy drive and Christmas party at the Imperial Housing Court Project of Watts, complete with gifts under the tree, fake snow, a photo booth, out of control cute... Read more


VideoDaze :: 12.23.2013
NightFall from Colin Rich on Vimeo. Read more

Art Basel Part 3

Shayna Batya :: 12.23.2013
Zhu Jinshi. (I know, you’re probably thinking.. more Art Basel posts?!) But yes. Although the party ended a couple of weeks ago, i’ve been digging through hundreds of images thinking to myself, ... Read more


Peter :: 12.23.2013
BAPE x Schott – A Bathing Ape (APE) teams up New York based Schott BAPE for a leather motorcycle jacket this holiday season. The jacket resembles the look and shape of Schott’s “Perfecto” and has ... Read more

Thrasher Magazine's SOTY Party Recap 2013

Cullen Poythress :: 12.23.2013
2013 has come and gone and with it came another great year of progress and achievement in skateboarding. We were jaw-dropped by the likes of Nyjah and his relentless onslaught of big rail annihilat... Read more

Selfie Sessions :: Christy Mack

V/SUAL :: 12.23.2013
Just when I thought I was all out of photos from my shoot with Christy Mack, I remembered I had her do a quick selfie session with my sony rx-100 MII. And with this being Monday and all, I figured... Read more

In Preservation of This Magic City

Cullen Poythress :: 12.22.2013
There’s a special corridor in my heart for San Francisco and because I just moved here a few months ago from LA I figured now would be the opportune time to lament some of my thoughts and feelings... Read more


akam1k3 :: 12.22.2013
Rise and shine! Early bird gets the worm! And that is finally the case in Oslo – even when it comes to sneakers. I’ve been a big sneaker geek ever since I could remember, and I love how the game t... Read more

Underdog Sneakers

Chris Danforth :: 12.22.2013
Filling Pieces is making some of my favorite kicks currently. Hailing from Amsterdam, Filling Pieces draws upon a timeless silhouette in representing an exemplary balance between street sensibili... Read more

Upper Playground Holiday Print Show

Fongstarr :: 12.21.2013
Say you are at massage parlor and Mimi asks you if you’d”Like to have mo fun?” at the cost of $250. Just as you’re about to politely say no, she then offers the basic rub and tug for a mere $80. Y... Read more

Café Fedora :: A little bit of America in Oslo

akam1k3 :: 12.21.2013
Dang! I miss the US. Like I stated in my bio I pretend that I live in Cali whenever I have the chance. Ever since I was a kid, we would visit the US almost two times a year. During those trips, th... Read more

TOP 10 :: KICKS I WORE IN 2013

Luis :: 12.20.2013
Frankly speaking, I’m not the biggest fan of lists, but with so many shoes laying around the house and office, I figured why not do a round up of my favorite styles from 2013, that I actually wor... Read more


Phoebe Lovatt :: 12.20.2013
Ah, the harsh reality check that comes with returning to your home city and realizing that while you were out there in the world being a smug little explorer, everything has moved along just... Read more

The Hundreds x Katz's release party recap

Scott "Switch" Turner :: 12.20.2013
I suppose this is my first official post. As I said previously, there will be less talk and more pics.  I should start off by saying that I don’t really frequent the party circuit anymore.  I did m... Read more