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V/SUAL :: B.A.T.B. 6

Kazie Holiday :: 06.03.2013
PJ Ladd and and Paul Rodriguez dueled neck and neck at this year’s Battle of the Berrics competition, and Van was there to fill you in on all the gritty little details. Check out his recap of the e... Read more

B.A.T.B. 6

V/SUAL :: 06.03.2013
It’s amazing to see that the Battle At The Berrics (B.A.T.B.) has been going on for six years strong. Growing bigger and badder every year, it’s just rad to see the skate community come together fo... Read more


Kazie Holiday :: 06.02.2013
It’s pretty much been the most perfect weekend here in Los Angeles, so we’ve been maximizing our outdoorsy time with as much hiking, biking, surfing, and sun-soaking as possible. Which reminds us… ... Read more

Jon Sciano

V/SUAL :: 06.01.2013
Some of you might remember a post I did a little bit back of a day skating with a young ripper by the name of Jon Sciano. At the time he was filming for a video part to be release on Thrasher’s sit... Read more