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A day with Raif

A day with Raif

raifStreetwear wouldn’t exist without the help of a few people. Shawn Stussy, Rick Klotz, Russ Karablin, and Raif Adelberg. Yes I know I missed a few other bitter, talentless senior citizens but they don’t read this blog, and are scared to death of me. Raif is a multi-slash creative. From fashion designer and artist to skate shop owner and zine publisher there has not been a dull moment in the past week I have spent with him.

raif adelberg maxfieldsFirst Raif needed to purchase scented oil that is very hard to find. He currently lives in Vancouver so he stocks up when in town.

raif adelberg fashion
It never hurts to stay current on what is being released as high fashion either.

raif adelberg artSome of Raif’s art which is on display at Just One Eye.

raif adelberg cashmere
Just One Eye is also the ultra exclusive store that carries Raif’s all cashmere line.

raif adelberg damien hirst
Raif Adelberg was born in canada and lived in hawaii, Palm Springs, LA and Vancouver. Vancouver is also where he opened his first skate shop that was more of a streetwear shop.

raif adelberg murakami
Drug test? But I didn’t even study! Spanning multiple decades Raif has founded, owned or operated stores such as, 1989 the edge Palm Springs 1996, twentyfour Vancouver 2002 Richard kidd Vancouver. Wearables such as: Twentyfour, Wings and Horns, Richard kidd, Naked, Deadboys clubhouse, Raif.

raif adelberg los angeles
If you can’t tell, Just One Eye is an insane art gallery that sells the most exclusive clothing in the world.

raif adelbergWe drank at the Sunset Marquis every night where he shared stories about every popular artist, industry head and business ethics. Ever hear of Made magazine? Yeah, that’s his as well.

raif adelberg jon buscemiIf you are in Paris next month keep an eye out for these two. There products will be dissapearing faster than Buscemi’s Mr. Chow’s to-go bag!

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