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LETTER FROM THE EDITOR :: The Best Stories of 2019

LETTER FROM THE EDITOR :: The Best Stories of 2019

It’s been an amazing year at The Hundreds. While brands left and right failed to hang on to the ever-eroding ledge, we somehow managed to have one of our best years ever. Well, not somehow, I know how. This team is fucking incredible. With the number of projects we take on, you’d think we have a team of 300 but we don’t. It’s a small group of really creative and talented and driven individuals who possess just enough crazy to jump into the fire every week and come out on the other side with the goods.

You know Bobby and Ben and most likely Patrick if you’ve been paying attention for a long time. But Ceilidh and Brice keep the train on the tracks while things inevitably get crazy every week, and they always do. I handle all the content and social media with my superhero of an editorial assistant, Sandy, and Percival makes sure you get all those emails and notifications to remind you to cop that piece you’ve been dreaming of so you don’t have to buy it for double on eBay.

If you’re a rapper or athlete or painter or chef or whatever and you got a care package from The Hundreds this year, thank yerboi Boosie because when he’s not boosting office morale, he’s busting his ass making sure all our people get their packs.

Our design team, from Pat and Bobby at the top to Erica and Brenda in cut-and-sew, from Heavy with the collabs and accessories to Eddie and David on graphics, gives us a reason to be here every day. They work incredibly hard to create new things all the time that you’ll love. It’s unreal to watch them bring ideas to life and we’re just as excited as you are to see what they do next. They inspire us daily.

But without our photo team, you would never see the stuff our design team creates. Allison and Ben work tirelessly to make sure we always get the shot, even if that means working the longest hours of anyone, and we’re immensely grateful to them for making us look good, always.

Chad makes sure everything looks good, from photos to graphics to banners on the website — you know, if he can find his way to the office. He’s one of the youngest members of the team but he works really hard, or at least really hard for a surfer dude, and he puts up with a lot of rap music being played in the office, so we appreciate him.

Maria and Diana and John make sure we’re all paid and not going insane, and for that, we’re especially thankful.

Carlos, Josh, and Sean make sure you can all walk into your favorite local shop and cop The Hundreds, a grueling gig that sends them all over the globe.

And Julius. Oh, Julius. Besides providing us with golden social media content, he gives us birthday cake, car washes, office supplies, and a sarcastic smile whenever we need it, plus so much more. He’s a robot fueled by Soylent and programmed to only receive voice commands from Bobby and Ben (“JUUUUULIUUSSSSSSSSS” instead of “Alexa”) but we still love him as if he were a real boy.

Awad and Irene handle our customer service for the online shop and I can’t thank them enough, because I send all of you that DM us about messing up the address or picking the wrong size on your order straight to them, and they accept it graciously and fix it right away for you. With so many orders and so many opportunities to mess up, they’re our last line of defense and make sure all our T’s are crossed and I’s dotted.

There are too many to name in the warehouse but Jon, Phu, Hugo, and the rest of the guys out there work their asses off making sure we can back up all the stuff we post online and actually get it to your doorstep. They go hard as fuck and we love them — and not just because they have cold beers on deck back there.

That’s The Hundreds. I know this is supposed to be about the Blog but I think the coolest story coming out of The Hundreds is these people. We give everything we’ve got day in and day out to make sure the end-product is as close to perfect as possible because we know how much The Hundreds means to you at home. Most brands never sniff 16 years, and we know how big a part The Hundreds has played in some of your lives. We recognize the responsibility we have to maintain the consistency and high level of quality our fans have come to expect and we don’t take it lightly.

We appreciate each and every one of you for supporting us this year and always, whether you bought something, read something, shared something, showed up to an event, told a friend about us, defended us in the comments, passed down an old piece to a kid who didn’t know about us before, and anything else you did this year to show us love. We felt it.

But now, let’s get to my bread and butter, the blog.

This time last year, I was freelance writing for The Hundreds while making a move back east from LA to New York for a fresh start and a gig in the music industry. Little did I know, just a few weeks later, the opportunity would arise to jump into the driver’s seat and take over as editor of this legendary blog. So, I flew back to meet the team and see if it would be a fit, and the rest is kind of history. I canceled my plans in New York, flew back to LA, found another spot to live, and started a journey at The Hundreds that has been immensely rewarding so far.

Working with Ben, Bobby, and the rest of this incredible team has taught me so much and allowed me to work on so many amazing projects I never would have imagined contributing to. I mean, we did damn near a collab a week in 2019 while also rolling out a bestselling book, producing a new podcast, and inventing a streetwear food festival.