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GIRLSPACE :: Empowering Compton's Next Generation of Women

GIRLSPACE :: Empowering Compton's Next Generation of Women

This past Summer, high school teacher Jacqulyn Whang was challenged as part of her fellowship to affect the community outside her school’s walls in a positive way.

Whang, who works at Centennial High School, reached out to other women in Compton who are working to impact the area, especially where it concerns Compton’s youth.

“I asked them to come join me in a meeting and talk about what we can do for our girls,” Jacqulyn told us. “And from that meeting came this idea of a conference.”

“The conversations led to us planning out this one day conference where our girls could get everything that we didn’t have growing up.”

Along with her two main collaborators, Chrystani Heinrich from Compton Girls Club and Abby Lopez from Color Compton, Jacqulyn began putting together what would become GirlSpace.

These two women and I really formed a team to carry this vision forward,” Whang said. “We had meetings on meetings on meetings, and then more meetings, collectively formulating a vision statement to really empower our girls.”

“We aim to strengthen their unity, confidence, and leadership through fun, active, and creative entrepreneurship-driven workshops.”

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We are SO proud to announce our featured panelist for #GirlSpaceCPT . This is not the event that you want to miss out on. Our ILLUSTRIOUS panel will be moderated by #Comptons own @more2jaybee and will include: Compton’s Mayor @AjalBrown Musician @thequincat Xicana activist @mijadoris Designer and Fashion giant @melodyehsani That is just a taste of the events going down January 25th in Compton. You don’t want to miss this!!! Event is for self identifying teenage girls within Compton. There will also be a limited Mom Track for mothers within Compton. Pre registration begins December 17th and EVERYTHING IS FREEEEEEE!!!! #GirlSpaceCpt #Compton #ComptonEvents #GirlsEmpowerment #GirlPower #AjaBrown #DorisMunoz #theQuincat #MelodyEhsani #GirlSpaceCompton #ComptonGirls

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