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Over the course of the next ten episodes, Bobby Hundreds will take you on a deep dive into the themes of his newly released first book, This Is Not a T-Shirt. Each episode will correspond with a chapter from the book, and Bobby and his guest will explore the highs and lows of navigating that terrain. From blowing up and breaking down to picking up the pieces and coming all the way back, This Is Not a Podcast will take you even deeper behind the scenes of one of the greatest streetwear stories ever told.

COMMUNITY :: Nipsey Hussle

On February 11, 2018, I interviewed the late, great rapper and community leader, Nipsey Hussle, for an editorial piece entitled “At Conflict with the World.” Ironically, we recorded most of the discussion while parked in the space where Nip’s life would tragically be stolen one year later. Since his death, I’ve been discouraged by the hole Nipsey leaves behind in our culture, in music, in Los Angeles. Yet, I’m simultaneously inspired by a generation of upstarts from the neighborhood who have picked up the torch and are setting a new wildfire.

Today, I bring you our entire conversation as the tenth and final episode of my series, This Is Not a Podcast. Let’s do our part to keep his legacy alive by listening to his music, sharing our Nipsey stories, and putting out communities first.

RIVERCIDE :: Samii Ryan

Aside from sharing an office space with The Hundreds, Samii Ryan shares a lot of other things in common with Bobby, most importantly being the middle child of their families. You may know her for being a model or the founder of her eponymous brand that is taking over the world, but Samii has an incredible roller coaster story that you have to hear. From being raised in a home full of actual witches to overcoming the most difficult of obstacles, Samii has proven tougher than most and a force to be reckoned with. Bobby and Samii sat down at The Hundreds HQ to discuss her insane story, what she’s working on now, and how she’s found some semblance of peace in her wild life.


What can you say about Kenan Thompson that hasn’t been said? He’s a consummate professional, a legend in the game, and one of the most versatile talents modern culture has ever seen. A rare breed, he’s part of a miniscule group of massive child stars that has been able to transcend their early fame and find even bigger success as an adult. The husband, father, comedian, and actor is now the longest tenured cast member in Saturday Night Live history, a feat that is both astonishing and totally believable. He’s just so so good at transforming into whatever role he is playing, and he’s been doing it since the 90’s when he was the star of Nickelodeon’s All That sketch comedy show. The spin-off Kenan & Kel and subsequent Good Burger movie catapulted Kenan into superstardom and made him every kid’s favorite. But while he found early success, his road to conquering the adult comedy world as well wasn’t always easy. It’s been a bumpy road at times, and Bobby invited Kenan to The Hundreds HQ to discuss it all. “Awwww, here it goes!”


It’s amazing that we didn’t have to record this episode with world famous DJ and producer A-Trak from the airport because the Fool’s Gold Records founder is legit traveling the globe like 547 days a year. Beyond being arguably the most influential figure in EDM and bringing his unique flair to countless iconic hip-hop and dance records, Alain is one of the most technically skilled turntablists in history, becoming a world champion scratcher while the rest of the kids his age were just worried about their newest pimple and who they were going to ask to homecoming. Bobby had Alain stop by The Hundreds HQ to chat about being “busy,” innovating in a field that moves a million miles an hour, and both being Aries aka human bulldozers.

UPSET THE SETUP :: Jessie Andrews

Entrepreneur extraordinaire Jessie Andrews’ story could have played out so much differently. After getting her start in porn when she was 18, Jessie amassed a huge audience but realized quickly that she would need to diversify her brand to sustain growth and reach more people outside of that world. First with a successful jewelry brand, and then with swimwear, and now with a number of other brands and a charitable organization, Jessie figured it out. She didn’t have a team helping her solve problems, she just… figured it out. And she did it her way, until her way was the right way. It’s incredibly inspiring to see the burgeoning empire Jessie has created out of a small studio. She visited The Hundreds HQ to sit down with Bobby and discuss how straying from the normal tried-and-true blueprint can teach you (and others after you) the most.


Celebrated streetwear designer Benny Gold did something not many have done before: he closed down his brand on a good note. He didn’t run it into the ground until the wheels fell off, he didn’t sell it to some shell corporation to let them control it like a parasite. He recognized it had run its course (for now) and made an incredibly difficult decision. And in this time of late stage capitalism, that makes him an extreme outlier. While in San Francisco for his book tour, Bobby sat down with longtime friend Benny to discuss what went into that decision and what the next chapter of his life is like. Spoiler alert: everything Benny is doing is gold.


On the day Bobby’s book was released, as countless fans and friends and family finally got to dig in to This Is Not a T-Shirt, the author himself was heading back to where it all started. Before the big release event and book signing at The Grove in LA, Bobby was set to reconnect with an old friend in Wale that had seen The Hundreds in its infancy, when the brand was just trying to find its footing and make its way. Wale could relate, he was new to the scene on Fairfax and like many others before him, found comfort in the friendships forged over sneakers and streetwear. As Wale’s music career and The Hundreds brand both blossomed into forces in their respective arenas, Wale and Bobby’s paths diverged and the two stopped seeing each other all of the time. But on this momentous occasion, Wale was gracious enough to come back to Rosewood Ave and sit down with an old friend to discuss where they’d been, what they’d done, and, most importantly, what they overcame to get here.

END OF DAZE :: Dom McLennon

Just before the release of Brockhampton’s highly anticipated new album Ginger, rapper, producer, activist, and founding BH member Dom McLennon stopped by The Hundreds HQ to sit down with Bobby and reflect. Both on the memories behind and the challenges ahead. This episode is about graduating from the underground and hitting the main stage. It’s about adapting to a new existence, whether you’re ready for it or not. Listen to this episode of This Is Not a Podcast and take notes for your eventual glow up.


THE HARDEST PART :: Ellen Bennett

If there is anyone outside of Bobby and Ben that has embodied the spirit of The Hundreds more than Ellen Bennett, feel free to point them out. The former line cook turned kitchenwear extraordinaire took entrepreneurship to another level, developing a brilliant idea into one of the strongest brands in the food world, backed up by a supportive community that cares about quality and the love that every real kitchen contains. Ellen’s Hedley & Bennett brand has exploded, and you can find her company’s creations in many of the world’s best kitchens, including Bobby’s. The Hundreds has even worked on collaborations with Hedley & Bennett on multiple occasions — and will again soon! Ellen visited The Hundreds HQ to sit down with Bobby for an in-depth conversation about chapters of the story nobody wants to talk about, the dark days. When building a business, road blocks are inevitable, and while difficult to traverse, they strengthen you and your company as a whole. Listen to this episode of This Is Not a Podcast to learn how both Bobby and Ellen made it through


BLOW UP :: Fred Durst

On a sunny afternoon in June, legendary rock star Fred Durst visited The Hundreds Los Angeles. It was a surreal few hours. He was helping us out with the roll out of The Hundreds X Osiris D3, a shoe he helped put on the map nearly two decades earlier. After the photoshoot, Fred sat down with Bobby for an extensive conversation that covered early 2000’s fashion, the cost of fame, and raising kids in today’s society. Given that the Limp Bizkit frontman rarely gives interviews, especially one this in-depth, the occasion was as big as the shoe that brought everyone together that day. It was one we’ll never forget. Listen to their conversation in this episode of This Is Not a Podcast, which ties in with the BLOW UP chapter of Bobby’s book, This Is Not a T-Shirt.


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