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How Acme and Blockhead Inspired The Hundreds’ Attitude

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.29.2016
"Decades later, having built The Hundreds off these principles, I realize I never took off that Acme and Blockhead philosophy... Introducing The Hundreds X Blockhead Skateboards and The Hundreds X... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 09.28.2016
"So skateboarding saved my life... It revealed the underworld, run by the underdogs, the underestimated, and fueled by the underappreciated." Read more

Typhoon Tour :: TOKYO

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.26.2016
The third and final stop of The Hundreds' Typhoon Tour. Follow Bobby and the gang as they visit Tokyo, Japan. Read more

Typhoon Tour :: HONG KONG

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.24.2016
On the second stop of the Typhoon Tour, The Hundreds checks into our home-away-from-home, Hong Kong. Read more

Typhoon Tour :: SHANGHAI

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.24.2016
In the first stop of the Typhoon Tour, The Hundreds revisits Shanghai for the annual Yo'Hood exhibition. Read more

Bobby Hundreds for Fall Out Boy

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.16.2016
Bobby Hundreds unveils Bloom, his project that spans fashion, filmmaking, and set design for the band Fall Out Boy. Read more

#TBT :: Bobby Hundreds on Refused's Legacy & 2012 Reunion Tour

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.15.2016
In honor of our The Hundreds X Epitaph Records collection, we're revisiting this epic blog post from Bobby Hundreds in 2012: The time he saw Refused live at The Glass... Read more

Hope, Revolution, and Dedication :: My Life with Epitaph Records

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.08.2016
The Hundreds and Epitaph is a celebration of all things independent, and a testament of how far passion and great work can take you. Introducing The Hundreds X Epitaph. Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 09.08.2016
This morning, Fast Company published a piece on Gen-Z, their distrust of brands, and the celebration of individual. This echoes Bobby Hundreds' sentiments on the future of branding as people.... Read more

My Own Summer (Shove It)

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.06.2016
Bobby chronicles his summer '16—a whirlwind of new ventures and lessons—and hints at secret upcoming projects. Read more