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How Acme and Blockhead Inspired The Hundreds’ Attitude

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.29.2016
"Decades later, having built The Hundreds off these principles, I realize I never took off that Acme and Blockhead philosophy... Introducing The Hundreds X Blockhead Skateboards and The Hundreds X ... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 09.28.2016
"So skateboarding saved my life... It revealed the underworld, run by the underdogs, the underestimated, and fueled by the underappreciated." Read more

Typhoon Tour :: TOKYO

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.26.2016
The third and final stop of The Hundreds' Typhoon Tour. Follow Bobby and the gang as they visit Tokyo, Japan. Read more

Typhoon Tour :: HONG KONG

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.24.2016
On the second stop of the Typhoon Tour, The Hundreds checks into our home-away-from-home, Hong Kong. Read more

Typhoon Tour :: SHANGHAI

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.24.2016
In the first stop of the Typhoon Tour, The Hundreds revisits Shanghai for the annual Yo'Hood exhibition. Read more

Bobby Hundreds for Fall Out Boy

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.16.2016
Bobby Hundreds unveils Bloom, his project that spans fashion, filmmaking, and set design for the band Fall Out Boy. Read more

#TBT :: Bobby Hundreds on Refused's Legacy & 2012 Reunion Tour

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.15.2016
In honor of our The Hundreds X Epitaph Records collection, we're revisiting this epic blog post from Bobby Hundreds in 2012: The time he saw Refused live at The Glass House during their first insan... Read more

Hope, Revolution, and Dedication :: My Life with Epitaph Records

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.08.2016
The Hundreds and Epitaph is a celebration of all things independent, and a testament of how far passion and great work can take you. Introducing The Hundreds X Epitaph. Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 09.08.2016
This morning, Fast Company published a piece on Gen-Z, their distrust of brands, and the celebration of individual. This echoes Bobby Hundreds' sentiments on the future of branding as people. Have ... Read more

My Own Summer (Shove It)

Bobby Hundreds :: 09.06.2016
Bobby chronicles his summer '16—a whirlwind of new ventures and lessons—and hints at secret upcoming projects. Read more