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The Hundreds X Fila :: Reviving a Forgotten Chapter of '90s Youth Culture

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.29.2017
"This goes way beyond a collaboration slide. This is about representation, AAPI heritage, and recognizing this lost chapter in youth culture that I would love to see make a resurgence." The story b... Read more

Growing Up with Revelation Records :: How Hardcore Influenced The Hundreds

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.23.2017
"Revelation’s bands provided the foundation for my attitude, philosophy, and ethic—of which I carry to this day, in my life and work. To truly appreciate The Hundreds is to recognize its hardcore u... Read more

Hold True :: Bobby Hundreds Tours the Revelation Records Office

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.19.2017
Throwback to this post from 2012 during the time we dropped our first Revelation Records collab. This Friday, we drop our second collaboration with the esteemed hardcore label, The Hundreds X Revel... Read more