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Bobby Hundreds :: 07.12.2010
    And finally, some lasting impressions from World Cup’s 3rd place winner, Germany: by bobbyhundreds Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.11.2010
It’s 3am in Berlin and the night wants desperately to break into day. We’re so far up north in Europe that it only stays true dark for a few hours really. The sun is always fastened to the horizon.... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.10.2010
Jeff Carvalho (High Snobiety) and Woody (Sneaker Freaker): Jeff walks us back to the High Snobiety headquarters here in Berlin, Germany: David proudly shows off an actual print run of High Snobie... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.09.2010
So hey, remember that whole bit about my photo exhibition, STRIKING ALMONDS, taking place here at the Bright Tradeshow in Berlin? Yeah. No. Thanks to FedUp FedEx, that show has been pulled from exi... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.08.2010
Looks like everybody’s in the middle of a college entrance exam, but what you’re looking at is our International Sales Meeting for our Spring 2011 and Summer 2011 ranges of The Hundreds apparel, ac... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.07.2010
Berlin actually has a great shopping community, especially as far as street and skate goes. One of the most promising retail experiences in the Torstrasse district belongs to that of Soto. David f... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.06.2010
Here’s a shot from the plane over Zurich, Switzerland. Too bad we were only here for an hour en route to Berlin, Germany. I love their cheese and chocolate. I was just complaining to Ben about why... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.05.2010
(Make sure to read Citizenship Part I before this entry) So we’re still at Citizens of Humanity‘s headquarters. Jerome is proudly showing something new in the collection. And hey, a return to front... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.05.2010


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.03.2010
Today, we’re visiting a friend of ours. His name is Jerome Dahan, and he is the designer and founder of denim enterprise,Citizens of Humanity. I don’t think I’m far off when I say that Jerome is a... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.02.2010
Bill is a West L.A. local. I was driving back from the gym this morning (don’t laugh) and caught him roaming the neighborhood. Went home, grabbed my camera, and documented this fascinating creature... Read more


Bobby Hundreds :: 07.01.2010
I know it’s the middle of the week, but I wanna go to Disneyland. So,..ok.. I’m gonna go to Disneyland. It looks like Tal‘s eating a giant York peppermint patty, but he’s actually on the phone, mak... Read more