By Bobby Hundreds

July 14, 2010

The other weekend, I sailed with some friends overnight, 96 miles offshore the coast of Mexico, in search of a renegade school of albacore. Figured this was the best and freshest sushi we could ever have, so why not?

Anyways, there’s a reason I’m bringing this up. Speaking of the ocean being awesome and ruling the world, this is the perfect opportunity to plug an upcoming show I’ll be in called SEA NO EVIL, benefiting the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, and going on July 31st at the Mission Inn in Riverside. Crystal Method is playing, Shepard Fairey and actress Michelle Rodriguez will be DJing as well. Contributing artists include Retna, Clayton Brothers, Munk One, Jun Cha, Audrey Kawasaki, and Lola amongst plenty others. Tickets are on sale now, come out to support a good cause.

by bobbyhundreds

Bobby Hundreds