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American Iconoclast :: The Story Behind The Hundreds X Jackson Pollock

Bobby Hundreds :: 07.07.2017
Bobby Hundreds tells the story of how he fell in love with the work of Jackson Pollock as a child, and introduces our The Hundreds X Jackson Pollock lookbook. Read more

The Hundreds X Fila :: Reviving a Forgotten Chapter of '90s Youth Culture

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.29.2017
"This goes way beyond a collaboration slide. This is about representation, AAPI heritage, and recognizing this lost chapter in youth culture that I would love to see make a resurgence." The story b... Read more

Growing Up with Revelation Records :: How Hardcore Influenced The Hundreds

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.23.2017
"Revelation’s bands provided the foundation for my attitude, philosophy, and ethic—of which I carry to this day, in my life and work. To truly appreciate The Hundreds is to recognize its hardcore u... Read more

Hold True :: Bobby Hundreds Tours the Revelation Records Office

Bobby Hundreds :: 06.19.2017
Throwback to this post from 2012 during the time we dropped our first Revelation Records collab. This Friday, we drop our second collaboration with the esteemed hardcore label, The Hundreds X Revel... Read more

The Cold, Hard Truth :: The Realities of Building a Streetwear Brand

Bobby Hundreds :: 04.10.2017
Bobby Hundreds and Josh Vides discuss Josh's departure from CLSC, waking up from the Streetwear Dream, and why nobody’s trying to build a brand to last anymore. Read more

Firestarters :: Our New Wildfire Collection Is Available Now

Bobby Hundreds :: 03.09.2017
The spirit of the Wildfire flag is about how one person's idea can spread with the help of a community. Read more

Remembering Manzanar :: America's Past Is Quickly Becoming Our Future

Bobby Hundreds :: 02.16.2017
75 years later, we remember a milestone moment in equality and tolerance. Read more

This Is What a Feminist Looks Like :: The Women's March in Los Angeles

Bobby Hundreds :: 01.21.2017
Bobby Hundreds attends the Women's March in Los Angeles, and shares 50 of his favorite photos, as well as his thoughts on the afternoon. Read more

The Best and the Worst of 2016

Bobby Hundreds :: 12.28.2016
From Trump to Harambe, Bobby caps 2016 with his annual Best and Worst list... Read more

Best Things I Watched in 2016

Bobby Hundreds :: 12.10.2016
Bobby Hundreds lists his favorite movies, TV shows, Netflix series, and online videos of 2016. Read more

What Do You See? :: The "Reverse Rodney" Graphic, Explained

Bobby Hundreds :: 12.08.2016
"What do you see when you look at this shirt – empathy or division? I’ll leave the rest up to you." Read more

Favorite Books I Read in 2016

Bobby Hundreds :: 12.07.2016
Bobby Hundreds runs down his favorite books of 2016. Read more

Thank You.

Bobby Hundreds :: 11.24.2016
Happy Thanksgiving from The Hundreds. Read more

Around the World :: Dublin, Ireland

Bobby Hundreds :: 11.23.2016
Last stop of Bobby's European tour: Dublin, Ireland. Read more

Around the World :: Croatia

Bobby Hundreds :: 11.22.2016
Bobby visits Croatia for the first time, and goes from A to Zagreb. Read more

Around the World :: Vienna

Bobby Hundreds :: 11.21.2016
Bobby Hundreds takes a whirlwind trip through Europe. First stop: Vienna, Austria. Read more

A New Hope :: Why ComplexCon is the Future

Bobby Hundreds :: 11.06.2016
For the first time in a long time, Bobby Hundreds sees hope on the horizon - for streetwear, for young men's and women's fashion, and the industry that supports it. It's called ComplexCon. Read more

The Man. The Myth. Mossimo.

Bobby Hundreds :: 10.31.2016
Depending on which decade you were born in, Mossimo can mean cool beach imprint or mass-produced Target label. Bobby Hundreds tracks down the elusive and interview-shy Mossimo Giannulli in this exc... Read more

The Hundreds by Alyasha

Bobby Hundreds :: 10.27.2016
"Thank you, Aly... I could go on. In fact, I hope it goes on forever." Introducing The Hundreds by Alyasha, a collaboration years in the making with Streetwear's living legend and our mentor, Alyas... Read more

Meet Your Maker: The Alyasha Owerka-Moore Story

Bobby Hundreds :: 10.26.2016
Alyasha Owerka-Moore is one of streetwear’s most prolific designers; he kick-started Phat Farm, told Pharrell about a brand called BAPE, & is half-responsible for the launch of the first Nike D... Read more