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When people open shops, they don’t think about how to close them. Of course not. That’s like planning a break-up on the first date. But, knowing when, why, and how to shutter a store is just as important as the grand opening.

For The Hundreds, our flagship stores have played an indispensable role in telling the story, a reflection of who we were at each stage of the process. We built our first store in the Fairfax District when we were 26-year-old kids with an unknown T-shirt brand, naive and bright-eyed. Over a decade later, we asked ourselves, “If we were to build a store today, how would it look and perform?” With the mounting success of our online shop and wholesale business, we also took a hard look at brick-and-mortar’s purpose. Is it a venue to experience the brand? Is it a communal grounds? Does it drive sales or marketing or both? We wiped our palate clean and started with a blank slate. In 2018, The Hundreds deserves a home that encapsulates 15 years of our history as well as set us up for the next 15 years…

We searched for a fresh start and then it came knocking. Literally next door. All the way back in 2005 when we first moved into our office on Rosewood Ave., Ben and I fantasized about opening our first store in the corner spot. But then, SLB moved in, and then the keys passed to RVCA. We didn’t mind establishing our retail presence in that Rosewood alley. Business, like life, is all about timing, and we weren’t ready for the main stage. But then, our landlord called and told us the space was ours to take. 501 N Fairfax. It was hard to let go of the past, but it was time to start writing the next chapter. Today, we open The Hundreds Los Angeles in its rightful place on the corner of Fairfax and Rosewood. I invite you all to come be a part of The Hundreds history—and future.


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