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Christian Strike//Country Club Projects//Iconoclast Editions

The Hundreds :: 09.08.2010
Words: Maurice Pendarvis Photos: Switch (Country Club LA) Photos of Country Club Cincinnati provided by Country Club. It’s been over a year since we last talked, what have you been doing with yours... Read more


The Hundreds :: 09.01.2010
Words by Maurice Pendarvis Photos byAkeem Koss Tell me about Massillon, Ohio. What do you think has helped you as an emcee, being from a place most people outside of Ohio have never heard of? Massi... Read more

Munk One//Artist

The Hundreds :: 08.24.2010
Words by John Hall Photography by Switch   You’re a California native right? What do you love about LA? Well I was born is San Diego, and I did live in a small town up in northern CA for a couple o... Read more

Interview with Peanut Butter Wolf :: Producer // DJ // Label Owner

The Hundreds Staff :: 08.18.2010
A 2010 interview with Peanut Butter Wolf about the inception of Stones Throw. Read more


The Hundreds :: 08.12.2010
Words: John Hall Photos: Bobby Hundreds Can you tell us about the show you curated for the Jonathan LeVine Gallery?   I curated a group show at the Jonathan LeVine Gallery called “True Self,” back ... Read more

Tim Siedell//Creative Director//Time Traveler//Tweeter

The Hundreds :: 08.03.2010
Words by: John Hall Photos by: Tim Siedell How did you hear about Twitter and why did you decide to give it a shot? I first read about Twitter on an industry blog in early 2007. I figured I’d chec... Read more

Mark Ward//Artist

The Hundreds :: 07.27.2010
Words: Maurice Pendarvis Photos: Mark Ward What got you into doing art? I grew up drawing all the time. It’s what I found I got recognition for as a kid. I was copying cereal boxes, and coming up ... Read more

Jorge Peniche // Photographer

The Hundreds :: 07.20.2010
Words: Maurice Pendarvis Photos: Jorge Peniche What got you interested in photography? My interest in photography…well in all honestly, was nothing I planned on doing. It was not something I p... Read more

Rob Myers // Designer

The Hundreds :: 07.01.2010
Words: John Hall Photos: Switch When did you start SLVDR? About two years ago. And does the name mean anything in particular? Well, in Spanish, Salvador means “salvation.” So for me pe... Read more


The Hundreds :: 06.24.2010
Words: John Hall Pictures: Tommy Guerrero I understand you’ve been playing music since you were 12. What were some of your biggest influences then? Mostly punk, standard shit; Sex Pistols, Ramones... Read more


The Hundreds :: 06.10.2010
WORDS: JOHN HALL PICTURES: ANTHONY HARRISON What was your entry point into the design field? I was an intern for an illustrator ofchildren’s books. She worked out of her apartment on the Upper We... Read more

The Hundreds - VOL 01. - ISSUE: 02

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.22.2009

The Hundreds - VOL. 01 - ISSUE: 01

The Hundreds Staff :: 11.22.2009

Welcome to Australia

Rob :: 12.01.2006
For the next 18 days I will be reporting from Sydney Australia. For those of you that have been here none of this will be mind blowing brain wizards, for those that haven’t let me show you everythi... Read more


Rob :: 11.19.2006
Airplanes traditionally represent a happy experience. Either you are going someplace, or returning home. Even if you had to travel for a funeral you get a slight discount for the “death in the fami... Read more

The Hundreds Spring 2020

Ceilidh MacLeod :: 01.07.2000