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Test Shot :: Natalia Barulich

Test Shot :: Natalia Barulich


Let’s start this Monday right with a new test shot segment. This time it is with Natalia Barulich. She had reached out to me via e-mail in regards to doing a test shoot. Given she travels quite a bit it took some time to set up the shoot, but we made it happen. We linked up at her place in downtown L.A. which, lucky for us, had access to the roof top. I am always down to step out of the comfort zone when it comes to shoots and I actually thought this was pretty cool. The day was pretty overcast which worked in our favor; serving as a giant soft box. Being that Natalia shoots a lot of glam type of photos I had a feeling this shoot was going to produce some different, yet good results. I think I was right, but check them out for yourself below.


O.k. Natalia how many years young are you?


And what is your ethnic background?


Where about were you born?

The Bay Area, CA

And where do you currently live?

Los Angeles, CA

Name some of your likes in life.

Traveling, dance, music, the beach, hiking, my work and my amazing family.

Any dislikes?

Close-minded pretentious people, spiders and people who flake.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

A successful actress, a brand.

Any influences in your life?

Fellow talented artists I look up to but my mother mainly.

Do you have a favorite food?

You can never go wrong with Mexican!

Name your most favorite place you have traveled to?

Sydney, Australia. Down unda’

Is there a place you want to visit before you die?

I’ve always wanted to shoot at the Pyramids in Egypt. I hope things get better there soon.

What is your current form of employment?

Full time model but I am making the transition into acting :)

Lastly do you have a favorite type of music?

House/trance/dance. It keeps me going!












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