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Want to hear something insane? BANKS doesn’t have an Instagram. Want to hear something even more insane? BANKS gives out her personal cell phone number on her Facebook page and actually answers if you call her, because, according to her FB bio, she “likes making connections outside of a computer screen.” Something tells me teenage boys around the world are going over their minutes testing out this statement. Is that true, guys????

I don’t know how much y’all have heard about the LA-based songstress with the sultry smooth, R&B infused vocals and mysteriously inaccessible but not elitist public persona, so I’ll tell you. The “Warm Water” singer has recently been named one of Spotify’s top emerging artists, and is currently supporting the WEEKND on his North American Tour, which will be acting as an aphrodisiac, loosening up the hips of Los Angeles concert-goers at the Greek Theater on September 16th and 17th.

Although her career is still in its beginnings, we’re banking on big things from the Lil Silva-produced, Fiona Apple-inspired artist. Her EP is currently for sale online, and you can listen to some of her music which we’ve conveniently posted for you here.

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