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Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid "Denim"

Nike Air Tech Challenge Hybrid "Denim"

Growing up, Agassi was one of my favorite athletes. Not only was he cool to watch play tennis, but he also brought that crazy outfit flair to the game. I always had his kicks as kid from the Tech Challenge 1 to the Tech Challenge 4. That’s why the Tech Challenge Hybrid is one of my favorite Tech Challenges. It brings all of the Tech Challenges from the 1-4 together on one shoe. The only tiff I have with this version of the Tech Challenge Hybrid is that it doesn’t have the sole of the Tech Challenge 1, which was used on the previous version of the Hybrid from 2007. I can’t complain though, since I’ve been wanting this shoe to drop again, and Nike does just that with its recent insurgence of Tech Challenge II and signing of Andre Agassi once again.

With this pair of Hybrids, Nike dug deep in the inspiration bank and came up with the Denim Tech Challenge Hybrid. Agassi used to rock those butt hugger denim mini shorts in the ’80s and early ’90s all the time while playing pro tennis. He really was the first to bring fashion to the game of tennis, all the while mowing down his opponents and being the best in tennis. Everyone wanted to play like Agassi, and everyone wanted to dress like him. His on-court style even crossed over into the everyday wardrobe of its era – with bright colors, headbands and denim cut-offs. Nike pays homage to Agassi’s fashionable on court appearance with the Denim Tech Challenge Hybrid which release this Saturday August 23 at select retailers.

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