BREAKING NEWS :: We Have a Major Announcement Regarding the Black Adam T-Shirt

BREAKING NEWS :: We Have a Major Announcement Regarding the Black Adam T-Shirt

By The Hundreds Staff

May 09, 2019


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The Black Adam T-shirt is the most exclusive piece from @thehundreds history. It’s never been sold – the only way you can get it is by being personally gifted by Ben or I, and the last time we gave them away was maybe 8 years ago. Well, today may be your lucky day. Pre-order my book through Amazon or Barnes and Noble (link in bio), then send the order confirmation to I’ll choose 1 winner in the next 24 hours, so make sure you include your SIZE and MAILING ADDRESS in the email. Over the next 6 weeks, I'll be doing more special giveaways around the pre-order and you can re-enter every time. Thanks for supporting the book and please share the news with your friends. Good luck!

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Alright, gang. You might want to sit down. This one is going to knock the wind out of you.

Remember that super rare Black Adam T-Shirt we talk about every once in a while?

Remember how it’s never been sold? Like ever.

Remember how they’ve only been given out as gifts directly from Ben and Bobby?

Remember how you DM’ed us and Tweeted us and sent us ravens begging us to release this shirt for years?

Well, we have a big announcement.

Slow down. We’re still not making the Black Adam available for sale.


Ben and Bobby are feeling generous again.

Beginning tomorrow, we’ll be giving away Black Adam T-Shirts for FREE to our loyal fans. This is not a game.

Alright, it’s kind of a game.

We’ll be doing a bunch of giveaways all the way up until Bobby’s book drops on June 25th

Here’s how you play:

Pre-order Bobby’s book This Is Not a T-Shirt

and then

Keep an eye on Bobby’s Instagram for the giveaway announcements

and then


good luck



The Hundreds Staff