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Alright, put down your Words with Friends or The Hundreds Magazine or Rebecca Black video or whatever you’re looking at right now. Take a seat. I’m about to tell a tale that’s never been told. It’s the story of the rarest item under The Hundreds brand name: the elusive Black Adam t-shirt.

Ever since Ben and I adopted Adam Bomb as the official mascot of The Hundreds, he has shown up in all sorts of fashions: on t-shirts, backpacks, New Era caps, the insoles of The Hundreds Footware, stickers, vinyl toys, pillows, you name it (and you probably have it).

But one piece you don’t have is a black t-shirt with an unmodified, full-color Adam Bomb front-and-center (If you’ve seen Adam on a tee, he’s either modified, twisted in different colors, outlined, or worked into a surrounding graphic). And you don’t have it because we’ve never sold it. The “Black Adam” t-shirt is special because for the past few years, the only way you can get one is literally as a gift from Ben or I. No one else who works for us has access to these t-shirts, no stores carry them, and they have never been sold. I’d say in the time that Black Adam has existed, maybe 25 or so have been given out to close friends and family only. Of course, it’s all very funny and stupid because if we actually produced these tees, they’d far outsell anything else. But you know how we do things by now – the pursuit of senselessness.

So… heads up.

This Friday, at the opening of The Hundred Santa Monica, we will personally hand the first 50 customers (who spend $30+ inside the shop) a complimentary (in keeping with it’s pricelessness) Black Adam t-shirt as a show of gratitude. And in a way, to welcome you to our family. I don’t know how many times I need to stress this is the very first time Black Adam has been offered to the public.

THSM opens at 11am. Be there to witness the Black Adam:

by bobbyhundreds

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