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Though Jensen and I didn’t become friends until we got older, we have A LOT in common. We share a lot of the same friends, listen to the same music, grew up at the same time and practically the same place in the Valley, and experienced a lot of the same things. ’80s babies rule. He’s also one of my favorite new writers on and has one of the funniest Twitter accounts around (@JensenClan88). His Best. T-Shirt. Ever. was fire, so I knew I had to ask him for his Best. Sneakers. Ever.

THE SHOE: My absolute favorite shoe in the world is the original Air Jordan Olympic 7s.

THE STORY: As a kid I was on a totally embarrassing kid’s sing-a-long TV show that would pay me a few hundred dollars per paycheck. Most of it would go to my bank account for college, but I’d be allowed to spend some of it on whatever I wanted. When I saw a pair of these Olympic 7s for sale at a local clothing spot called Kids Collection in the valley on their release day I jumped on them with that sweet, sweet child actor dough. I remember getting mad dogged everywhere I would go when I wore them. They were crazy limited and I don’t think I ever saw a pair in the streets other than mine. I went to NY on vacation that month and people were following me for blocks to see the shoes. Also, to probably murder me for them. I LOVED the Dream Team, so it made sense that I loved them. I think I was obsessed with the fact that they had his Olympic number on the back instead of his normal 23, and also the 7’s were my favorite design since the 3’s. Anyway, I recently bought an original pair on eBay just to remind myself what it was like to have the best pair of shoes in my neighborhood, and to have a TV show where I act SUPER feminine be the reason.

What’s up? I am a consistent writer here on The Hundreds, which is nice. I also own Gallery1988, just finished working with my best friend Drake on the ESPYs, and am readying some new music with Nova Rockafeller. I’m also always tweeting @Jensenclan88.


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