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The Life in a Day :: William Spencer, the Real Life Spider-Man

The Life in a Day :: William Spencer, the Real Life Spider-Man

Andrew Garfield might be the face of the Spider-Man franchise, but William Spencer is the real-life skateboarding, gravity-defying Spider-Man. But in addition to that, he’s a slackliner who also does parkour, and a pretty philosophical guy.

Hailing from Colorado vis-à-vis Texas, William began skating after being inspired by his older brother and skater, Shad Spencer. “I remember taking forever to learn to skate and to learn not to be afraid of everything, but my big brother was not afraid at all… I just learned that being afraid didn’t get me anywhere and I would have to just push through things that scared me,” William told About Sports of his initial fears in skating. Save for the fact that William occasionally channels Shia LaBeouf and yells at himself to “JUST DO IT,” you would never guess that William ever had any fears in skating—or in life—due to his crazy record of jumping off tall buildings or backflipping onto moving boards.

After moving to California, William began expanding his skating into other realms, landing a gig at Six Flags in the stunt show. Soon enough, he was called up to be Andrew Garfield’s stunt double in the newest reboot of Spider-Man. Suddenly, his innovative way of skating became a recognized art form. “I just want to do it in a full performance; I want it to be well-rounded or just not do it… Hopefully, I’m getting to be an all-around artist in the things that I make.”

Now, William continues to strive for inventive ways of approaching everything—from skating to stunts to the way he sees the world. “You look around the world and you’re like, ‘Man, this place could be less boring if we all tried to do what we want to do just a little more.'” We think so, too. Watch our Life in a Day feature with William below:

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Words by Kat Thompson.

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