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Hypebeast's Recap of "These Days :: Ten Years of Vans Syndicate"

Hypebeast's Recap of "These Days :: Ten Years of Vans Syndicate"

Vans Syndicate started as a side project—a group effort that grew out of creativity. As Rian Pozzebon, the head of footwear design at Vans—and also one of Vans Syndicate’s founding members—said, “It was just getting together after work and building on ideas.” Sean Stussy added that, “it was [kind of] soulful… buddies doing a project [together] is the only way I ever thought of it.”

From original pieces to one-of-a-kind collabs, the sneakers coming out of Vans Syndicate grew to become well-sought out by both skaters and sneakerheads alike. After 10 years of quality and creativity, we bid adieu to Vans Syndicate. Our friends over at Hypebeast were able to attend the 10 year anniversary celebration last month, which featured original art pieces, limited edition collector’s items, and more. Check out the recap of the event below, and be sure to take a read The Hundreds’ own Amsterdam contributor Maarten’s tribute to Vans Syndicate’s legacy: “The One Out Of Step :: A Farewell Salute to Vans Syndicate.”

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