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Rendezvous :: Melody

Rendezvous :: Melody

Every Friday, Neave shares a photo set on called “Rendezvous.” You’re welcome.

Hello friends!

My Rendezvous this week is with the lovely Melody. She and I got in touch via Instagram a very long time ago to set up a shoot, but it never went through. Finally, this week we got to plan something and the results are fucking fantastic. I met her up at a very cool apartment building in Beverly Hills she was staying at and we worked with whatever clothes she had brought with her while she was staying in LA. The building is from 1930s, so it had a lot of character – I had a field day! The lighting was fantastic, but I wanted to do two completely different things with it. So for some I used it to fill the whole room, and for some I used it as a spotlight focused on her and colors. There will definitely be more sets with Melody in the future!

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