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Have Murci :: Ken Thai of 88 Rotor's LP640

Have Murci :: Ken Thai of 88 Rotor's LP640

There’s something about a Lamborghini that makes you just stop and stare at it whether it is parked or rolling by on the streets. The bright color, the body lines, the wide wheel base, and the sound of this machine (my favorite) is something that gives this car its road presence. The other week I had the chance to shoot Ken Thai’s Arancio Atlas (Pearl Orange) Murcielago LP640. Ken is the owner of a well known automotive aftermarket parts company, 88 Rotors, and welcomed me by to come shoot his car. I’ve always heard good things about Ken, and all of that was confirmed on the day of the shoot. Big thanks go out to Ken for keeping his doors open for me to come by and shoot his car. There’s not much I can say about this LP640 except that it’s definitely one of the cleanest ones I’ve seen in the area. I always say this, but seeing cars like this is like staring at a famous work of art. There are so many little details that you could get lost in that makes you respect it even more once you see it in person. I’m only scratching the surface with this shoot, but I tried to highlight some of my favorite features of this car for you guys to see the car as I see it. So without giving you a novel to read, here are the pics:

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