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Jack Spade Conway – The Conway has been in Jack Spade’s collection of accessories for a few seasons now, but for this season, the minimalist watch is being updated with a burst of color. Using the Mondrian color palate as inspiration, the hour hand is now blue, the minute hand red, and the second hand is a bright yellow. The vibrant colors are a nice addition to the premium sapphire crystal, and matte black 38mm stainless steel case.
Source: Jack Spade
Nike SB Dunk High Cali – It looks like Nike SB may be running out of ideas. After reincarnating the Diamond Dunk Low as a Dunk High earlier in the year, Nike SB is now doing the same with the Dunk Low “Cali” that released in 2004. After 10 long years the coveted Dunk Low will return as a Dunk High with the red embroidered star re-appropriated on the lace straps. With the exception of the star, everything remains the same. You would think a billion dollar company would move some colors around, then again Nike is just giving the fans what they want.
Source: Nike SB
Mr.Black Denim Refresh & Wash – Denim junkies know that the last resort is washing a pair of jeans. You stick them in the freezer, or let it sit in the hot sun before throwing them in the wash. Now there is a better option with Mr.Black Denim Refresh & Wash. It all starts with the Refresh spray, a spray-on treatment dervied from plants that naturally kills odors and attacks oils and dirt. The Refresh is usually enough to neutralize your denim smells, but if that doesn’t work, the Wash is a less harmful way of cleaning your jeans.
Source: Mr.Black

J.Crew Crosby – J.Crew had a runaway hit with their affordable and finely crafted Ludlow suit. For a few hundred dollars, you got a flattering skinny suit made from premium textiles, but unfortunately the Ludlow wasn’t the best fit for those who have an athletic physique. Thankfully, the problem will be resolved with the Crosby. This new suit remains largely the same, but offers a little more room in the chest and shoulders, and the pants are a few centimeters broader in the seat, legs, and thighs. The Crosby is not just a bigger suit, instead J.Crew strategically created more space in areas to accommodate for those with MASS.

Source: J.Crew


Galaxy Tab 4 Nook – Barnes & Noble was already in a lot of trouble when they started closing down retail stores, and it looked like digital books was their saving grace. Unfortunately, their e-readers didn’t do too well, so they’re back at it with Samsung as a partner. Instead of making their own devices, the largest book retailer in the United States opted for a customized version of Samsung’s current Tab 4. The 7 inch Android tablet has been re-branded to have the Barnes & Noble Nook shop as the source for all your apps, games, music, videos, and books. The Galaxy Tab 4 is more than capable as a reading device, but the real question is whether this is a solution for Barnes & Noble or just another stop-gap.

Source: Engadget


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