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Earl Sweatshirt x Lakai – Most of the members of Odd Future have a history with skate, but it was Earl Sweatshirt’s friendship with Lakai team rider Nakel Smith that opened the doors to this recent project. Earl has always admired Lakai’s Camby for its minimalist silhouette; the boat shoe-inspired skate sneaker arrives in four new colorways. The popular Odd Future doughnut is extended to create an all over print pattern that is the centerpiece of one colorway. The other three colors stick to red, green, and black and use the pattern as an interior lining. Besides the special pattern, the shoes come with Earl Sweatshirt insoles, and a subtle OFWGKTA tag along the heel.

Source: Lakai

Warby Parker x Architecture for Humanity – Warby Parker and Architecture for Humanity are on a mission to change lives. With the non-profit Architecture for Humanity turning 15 this year, Warby Parker is allocating a percentage of their sales to the organization that brings professional design services to communities in need. One of the sunglasses involved in the project is the distinctive Fowler. The aviator from Warby Parker has the teardrop lenses housed in a lightweight Japanese titanium frame. Hints of acetate are used on the oversized brow bar, and the lenses use the latest in polarized technology. The Fowler is a handsome pair of sunglasses, and it feels good to know your money is going to help those in need.

Source: Warby Parker

Tubecore – Audiophiles can go for ages arguing the merits of old technology versus new. Valve amplifiers use vacuum tubes to increase the amplitude of a signal, but this method is esoteric when compared to the cheaper and more widely used solid state amplifier. Most receivers and Bluetooth speakers use the solid state amp, and this is where Tubecore comes in an changes things up. Tubecore employs centuries-old vacuum tube amps in a modern day receiver/speaker. The DUO uses a dual vacuum tube that is coupled to a low-cost Raspberry Pi computer. This allows the DUO to connect to anything via Bluetooth, WiFi, HDMI, or AV; and you still get the warm natural sounds from the vacuum tubes. The DUO is currently in it the pre-ordering stage, and will be available in a few months.

Source: Tubecore

LA Galaxy x Undefeated – Since the MLS’s inception in 2002, the LA Galaxy has taken four championship titles. While far from being undefeated, these accolades are the inspiration behind a new collaboration with Los Angeles streetwear mainstay UNDFTD. The collection covers athletic basics to include graphic T-shirts, an athletic hoodie, and a pair of fleece sweatpants. The collection integrates the Galaxy’s stars with UNDFTD’s five strikes logo across the back, front, or sleeves. Expect the collection to be sold at the Galaxy’s home in Carson, as well as UNDFTD’s Chapter stores across Southern California.

Source: Undefeated


Supreme x Mizuno – Why a youth bat? Supreme kept it real gully with Mizuno by electing the youth-size aluminum baseball bat. A men’s bat weighs more, is longer, and much more difficult to control when you’re breaking legs, windows, or mailboxes. Plus, aluminum adult bats are rare considering the MLB only allows wood, and the NCAA sticks with composite. The youth bat with Mizuno is Supreme’s not-so-subtle way of reminding their fans that they’re street, grimy skate kids that know that big isn’t always better.

Source: Supreme

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