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Hawaiian Recap :: Part 1

Hawaiian Recap :: Part 1

Last week I had the good fortune of being able to visit the island of Oahu in Hawaii. I had not been to our 50th state probably since being 11 or 12 on the standard family vacation. I was thinking of where I would like to travel that is a little different from my normal routine and I felt like this destination was perfect. With no real agenda and a few numbers or people I could link up with out there, I was on my way. Since this was my first time back in years, I really wanted to soak everything in, so as a disclaimer, I didn’t photograph any models on this trip. But trust me, there is a return project in the works. For my first day, I cruised around Waikiki beach until linking up with Rob Carlyon who showed me around to some key spots.

Little man, big shadow.

Bird gang.

This way to Spitting Caves.


My tour guides for the day: Rob and his daughter Hailey.

Not a bad view to end my first day.

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