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High Snobiety's "20 Sneakerheads To Follow on Instagram"

High Snobiety's "20 Sneakerheads To Follow on Instagram"

The good folks over at High Snobiety rounded up a well-curated list of “20 Sneakerheads to Follow on Instagram,” featuring none other than The Hundreds’ own resident sneaker aficionado Jon Hundreds (@archwood), who has his own column here on If you wanna be on the pulse of each new drop, these accounts are not to be missed. Focusing primarily on the newer generation of younger sneakerheads rather than OGs like Mayor and DJ Clark Kent, you’ll find Jon Hundreds on the list among others like @runnerwally@glasgowrob (who prefers the New Balances), size?’s own @lukematthews_, co-founder of Freshness Mag @mryumingwu, female sneaker blogger @juicegee, RSVP Gallery’s @easyotabor@dennistodisco, @victorkan, and more. Click the image below to see the rest on High Snobiety.


A peek into Jon Hundreds’ account:

Catch our episode of SECRET STASH where Jon Hundreds delves into a portion of his huge collection below and follow Jon on Instagram @Archwood.

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