By Vito

August 06, 2014

For as long as I can remember, cars have always been an interest in my life. Growing up in Los Angeles, I was exposed to a lot of classic cars mainly due to the huge lowrider scene from the early ’90s. The majority of the cars I was surrounded with were American classics. But as my passion for cars grew, my tastes in cars did so as well. Since then, I’ve learned to appreciate pretty much all classics ranging from American, Japanese, to European. For me, there’s just something about a classic car that is cool. When I look at cars, I don’t see them as just another form of transportation. I think of cars as a time capsule trapped in the era they were created. The styling and engineering is a time stamp that takes you back to that period. It’s the way it sounds, the smell of the exhaust, the driving experience, and most obviously, the way it looks. It’s reasons like these that give me a deep respect and appreciation for classic cars.

A case in point of this is Matt Patroni’s 1972 BMW 2002. I spotted Matt and his car during a Porsche event last month in a sea of Porsches owned and built by purists. Wearing its factory Fjord Blue paint and sitting on gold Enkei mesh 92’s, it was hard not to notice Matt’s slammed ’02 amongst the rest of the German classics. I quickly approached Matt and introduced myself. Found out that he’s not only a car enthusiast, but he’s into photography and video as well. I let him know that I was a contributor to The Hundreds, and once he heard that, he was immediately on board. We exchanged info and the rest is pretty much history. It’s been one of my goals this year to shoot more classic cars, and it’s cars like this that really fit the saying, “They sure don’t make ’em like they used to.” Below are my photos as well as a quick video Matt shot during our shoot. Enjoy!

BMW Neue Klasse from Patroni Films on Vimeo.