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Logitech Keys-To-Go – Tablets are nice, but when you need to do office stuff, the lack of a keyboard makes them nearly useless. While there are cases with built in keyboards, the whole thing seems cumbersome until now. Logitech’s Keys-To-Go is a responsible QWERTY keyboard in a tiny package. The travel ready keyboard allows for Bluetooth pairing with any device and the FabricSkin keeps dirt, dust, and spills away. The best part is that the built-in battery lasts an incredible three months off of one charge.

Source: Logitech


Supreme x Vans – With the Holidays approaching, you know it’s collab season and Supreme returns with another Vans project. The Sk-8 Hi and The Era will be used for the project with Supreme’s recurring “Fuck’Em” all-over print. The pattern glosses over the uppers, and a special Supreme Vans tab will grace the heel. It kinda seems Supreme is running out of ideas, but this happens to be one of the more popular designs and lines will definitely be long.

Source: Supreme


Tanner Goods Winter Driving Gloves – Tanner Goods recently took a break from leather to design candles and soaps, but it looks like they’re back at it. This Portland native is looking to keep your digits warm this winter with their own winter Driving Gloves. The gloves are available in black, tan, and a special Utica leather used by paratroopers in World War II. Tanner Goods also went the extra mile to source their leathers from Horween in Chicago, and should get softer and more beautiful over time.

Source: Tanner Goods


Levi’s Vintage Collection Metropolis – Levi’s Vintage Collection (LVC) is one of many shining examples from the American brand’s library of products. For the fall and winter, LVC pays tribute to the architects and builders with the Metropolis collection. Workwear pieces play tribute to the construction workers while the office-wear honors those who did the planning and designing. The lookbook shows that the collection is well-thought out, and LVC’s attention to detail continues to be outstanding. Those who appreciate vintage Americana will like what they see coming from LVC.

Source: Levi’s


Oakley Prizm – Those that appreciate high altitude skiing and snowboarding knows how important your peepers are in those intense climates. After 15 years of research, Oakley believes they have a solution. The Prizm improves visibility by accenting the good light and phasing out bad. The Prizm also follows the new wide angle design profile, and will be available in three colors: Black Iridium, Jade Iridium, and Rose.

Source: Oakley

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