By Bobby Hundreds

January 31, 2014

I don’t get around to shooting girls as much as I’d like to these days – and now that we have Van Styles onsite, who am I trying to kid?

But I wanted to get back in it for a bit so we could use the portraits for T-shirts in 2015, and then the fun part came with selecting models. Earlier this week, I got to work with my old friend Julia. This afternoon, I photographed Ashley Stern downtown.  We first stumbled upon her at our Disneyland party – she’s one of Spit’s friends – and was pretty unforgettable.  Of course she modeled.  Of course she was eager to work with The Hundreds.

And of course she turned out to be one of my favorite subjects to shoot.  I’ve shot enough models (and “models”) to know the difference from the jump.  Experience and physicality have to do with it – sure – but as with anything in life, it boils down to confidence.  Ashley seized the shutter from first click and an hour later, we came up with these…


Bobby Hundreds