By Bobby Hundreds

January 30, 2014

I get sent stuff all the time. From friends (limited releases), enemies (mailbombs and dead cats), but mostly outside brands that are looking for placement on our website, a co-sign, or maybe they just want to share what they’re proud of.  99% of it doesn’t end up getting published, but once in a while, someone will send me something that captures my interest.  You can imagine that in this Q-bert pyramid of boxes, you’d really have to be outstanding to…stand out.

This brand DROP DEAD gifted me with a capsule collection they did with SEGA.  I’ll admit I hadn’t heard of this brand before – I’m not exactly sure where they’re from – looks like the UK?  But their SEGA collaboration was so original and well thought-out that I had to feature it.  So first, they co-branded SEGA Mega Drive, which threw me for a loop because that’s what they called the Genesis everywhere outside of America.  And they took three of the more semi-popular games (Ecco the Dolphin, Golden Axe, and Streets of Rage – not the more obvious Altered Beast or Sonic) and themed T-shirt designs around them.  They didn’t just use the same blanks/bodies and compose respective graphics for each game. DROP DEAD went so far as to stylize the entire garment around the particular property.

So the Ecco shirt is all hipstery dipstery, the Golden Axe shirt has this black metal vibe, and the Streets of Rage shirt is cut-off and street-punk styled.

The cherry on top – each shirt comes packaged in the Mega Drive / Genesis game boxes that are also co-branded.

Really smart and different and experiential on many levels, from start to finish, guys.  Great work.  Makes me wanna play some Mario Lemieux Hockey.

Bobby Hundreds