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The Hundreds Winter 2014 Highlights :: Apparel

The Hundreds Winter 2014 Highlights :: Apparel

In honor of the release of The Hundreds’ Winter 2014 Collection – available in the Online Shop, flagship locations, and at authorized stockists – we’re bringing you the first set of highlights, starting with apparel. Bobby and Ben personally picked these to best showcase the spirit behind the collection. Winter 2014 is available now at The Hundreds’ flagships, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop. Here’s some words from Bobby on the release:

“One of the clearest ways of defining who you are is by fighting against what you are not.  The Hundreds was established as a response – to convention, to rules, and industry paradigms.  As a couple of kids who built something out of nothing, we’ve proudly bore the flag of the independents and the counterculture.  We’ve sought revolution – a new philosophy for how clothing should be understood, brands experienced, and companies built.  The Hundreds Winter 2014 is inspired by this history.  The season considers the uniform of radical thinkers and progressive activists.  It acknowledges the fashion aesthetic of social change from punk to politics to protests.


You know what you stand for. This is what you’ll stand in.”

Stay tuned throughout the week for more looks at accessories, headwear, and more. To see our lookbook shot in Anchorage, Alaska, by Jovell Rennie and read more about the collection, check this out.


ZAPIS” Button-Up Woven Shirt.

UPRISE” T-Shirt.

UNMASK” Windbreaker in Black.

TACTICS” Half-Zip Sweatshirt in Dark Green.

STRATEGY” Button-Up Flannel Shirt in Red.

SEEKER” T-Shirt in Gray.

ROUGE” Button-Up Woven Shirt.

RIGHTS” Jacket in Red.

REPORT” Crew-Neck Sweatshirt.


REGIME” Short-Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt in Black.

REGIME” Quilted Jacket in Olive.

PAW” Gloves.

PACK” Vest.

ORDER” Cargo Pants.

OCCUPY” Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt.

NANO” Denim Slim.

MINOR” Jacket.

JOURNEY” Chino Pants.


ENVOY” Pullover Hooded Sweatshirt.

DISRUPT” Pocket T-Shirt.

AMBUSH” Crew-Neck Sweatshirt.

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