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Vegas Views :: Remy LaCroix

Vegas Views :: Remy LaCroix

It is nice to have friends in some fun places. For adults, what place is more fun than Las Vegas? While out there for Agenda, I had the opportunity to link up with my pal Remy LaCroix who had moved there in recent times. Since I was in her neck of the woods, we both felt it would be fun to link up for a shoot. Since I had an O.K. suite at the Encore hotel, I figured why not. We lucked out with the weather on this shoot. Being a little overcast, it allowed us to not have a ton of harsh light filing the room. With Remy being such a natural beauty, I was hyped she cruised over looking as natural as she could be – meaning no make-up, along with her hair not being over the top. I felt a girl-next-door vibe was the way to go for this set. With a pair of glasses – which she actually uses – a cool knitted sweater and some more than appealing bottoms, we were good to go. I really like how these shots came out. Check the images below to see for yourself:

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