Usugrow In-Store Signing Recap at RSWD

Usugrow In-Store Signing Recap at RSWD

By Kazie Holiday

February 26, 2018

This past Saturday, Tokyo-based artist Usugrow had a very special in-store signing at The Hundreds Los Angeles to celebrate the drop of The Hundreds by Usugrow. Our second collaboration—from 2005 to 2018—the now-sold out collection signifies friendship, community, and our mutual love for Los Angeles.

If you weren’t able to get your hands on the capsule collection, check our list of select retailers still carrying the collab, online and in-store.

The evening represented The End of The Beginning for The Hundreds’ RSWD flagship at 7909 Rosewood Ave. Now that the store is officially closed, stay tuned for more updates via the Instagram hashtag #RSWDFOREVER (as well as @bobbyhundreds and @thehundreds) to see what we have in store for The Hundreds’ next chapter.

Photos below by Paolo Fortades and Bobby Hundreds.

Bobby & Ben Hundreds.

Bobby and Usugrow.

MIKE FRANKLIN (who also has an Usugrow tattoo).

Percival, Jasmine, and little Lucy.

Bobby and Ben chopping it up with Brooklyn Dom.


Sab and Tyshaun.


J & J. Jasmine and Justin aka @ogjohnny5.

Photos below by Bobby Hundreds.

Westside Five forever.


Mike Franklin with a print from our old Usugrow collab.

Big Boss Ben.

Kazie Holiday