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RECAP :: Opening Party for the New The Hundreds Los Angeles at 501 N. Fairfax

RECAP :: Opening Party for the New The Hundreds Los Angeles at 501 N. Fairfax

Last night, we threw an opening party at our new flagship for our closest family and friends. Mirroring our mantra People Over Product, our community really came together to celebrate this new chapter for The Hundreds. Everyone from Jay 305 to Mike Shinoda, Luke Wessman, Toby Morse, Emily Sears, Brooklyn Dom, Jensen Karp, and Rob Heppler showed up. We had Josh Vides, Aaron Kai, and young movers and shakers and homies for life like Josh Peas, Sagan Lockhart, Kacey Lynch, and more. Our brothers and sisters who hold down the RSWD block and almost all The Hundreds staff came together in celebration. Afterwards, we threw an after-party at Animal, courtesy of our friends Jon & Vinny. Photos by Paolo Fortades. Read all about the new shop at the end!

Celebrating our last 15 years as an independent Californian streetwear brand, The Hundreds is proud to announce the opening of the new The Hundreds Los Angeles flagship, located at 501 N. Fairfax. “This new store is an amalgamation of our history, but it’s also the foundation for our future,” says Bobby Hundreds, co-founder and CCO.

With the recent closing of RSWD, our original shop at 7909 Rosewood Ave. which celebrated its 10th anniversary last year, the new flagship takes up the corner spot of Rosewood/Fairfax with a completely reimagined store layout. Centered within the space is a giant mastodon skeleton sculpture breaking through the shop’s concrete floor; a nod to the fossils at the La Brea Tar Pits nearby, Bobby explains, “We turn 15 this year, which is like 250 in streetwear years, and I wanted to address the elephant in the room. Literally.” The concept behind the new shop’s design is inspired by a classic The Hundreds graphic called “Death from Below,” a meditation on the idea of underdogs rising up from the underground. We have always incorporated cultural artifacts into our past stores, so with this new location—as a celebration of our last 15 years—we’ve incorporated our own brand’s relics in the “tar” below the sculpture: our notorious Ben Baller chain, a brick from our New York store, an original RSWD New Era cap, a Back to the Future hoverboard, the monster from Tofer Chin’s RSWD art installation, our Garfield toy, and a Johnson Mid shoe from our footwear program.

“For The Hundreds, our flagship stores have played an indispensable role in telling the story, a reflection of who we were at each stage of the process... In 2018, The Hundreds deserves a home that encapsulates 15 years of our history as well as set us up for the next 15 years,” says Bobby.

The Hundreds is also releasing a new Rosewood Collection, available in limited quantities and exclusively available at the new The Hundreds Los Angeles. The collection includes a T-shirt emblazoned with our classic “DEATH FROM BELOW” mastodon graphic and classic M-65 field jacket with a detachable quilted liner. Each jacket is customized by Bobby Hundreds with screenprinted iconography and slogans that recall the last 15 years of The Hundreds.

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