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Uprise Skate Shop in Chicago

Uprise Skate Shop in Chicago

One of my favorite things to do when I get to travel out and about to different cities is stop in at skate shops to check things out. I think from hanging out at a few growing up in the early ’90s is why the idea of what I remember as a skate shop holds such a warm place in my heart. Especially with the fact that at least in L.A. the idea of a “core” shop is becoming so rare these days. When I stopped by Uprise while in Chicago, it put a smile on my face to see a shop like this. Having been around for almost 20 years, they obviously know how to make it in this ever-changing world, especially with staying true to their roots… skateboarding. The shop had a clean layout with a very well-curated floor. The one thing that caught my eye is what appeared to be an art wall with price listings. Which brings me back to that original idea of what I remember skateboarders embodying: A lifestyle of art and culture… not a sport. I think that was really cool of Uprise to have a space for people to share as an artistic outlet. Aside from that, the people in the shop were cool and friendly, not overbearing or trying to push product on you. If you ever find yourself in the Bucktown part of Chicago and are in need of some skate supplies or looking to just check out a cool store, I suggest you stop by and check them out.

1820 N. Milwaukee Ave
Chicago,IL 60647

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