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Off Duty at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Off Duty at Paris Fashion Week 2014

Long time friends and veterans to Paris Fashion week are the Rochambeau boys. They have been coming here since before it was cool and before it was cool to dress like a vampire ninja. Josh Cooper and L. Chandler have been evolving their line so much over the years that this season they fucking nailed it. Original, trendsetting, and innovative. I finally get to say, “I’ve been trying to tell you for years!”

Yes those are emoticon waves placed in a repeating pattern.

Meanwhile at the W Hotel, Jon Buscemi has a little something for everyone. Well, everyone that is fantastically wealthy, or a celebrity.

Never not being interviewed.

Victor Cruz took home first prize for his outfit at Paris Fashion Week. Wide Receiver Cruz is a big Buscemi supporter.

Riding bikes might be what locals do here, but I refuse to live like this. Let’s Uber to the Off White showroom and make the driver wait outside for us.

Not allowed to show you details but you can conjure up your own predictions with this.

Marcelo Burlon must have gotten a dirt bike for Christmas.

Buscemi X Burlon.

Can’t go to any city without running into an Australian. Oliver Hay is a model but he is off city right now.

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