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Universal Unveils "Back to the Future II's" Pepsi Perfect, Jaws 19, & Doc Brown's Return

By The Hundreds Staff

October 07, 2015

Since 1989, the world has been patiently awaiting the future that the legendary Back to the Future trilogy promised us in its second film. Now, with October 21, 2015 rapidly approaching, it looks like every one of our childhood dreams are finally coming to fruition. To celebrate the 30 year anniversary, Universal just unveiled a faux trailer for the iconic Jaws 19 seen showing at the movie theater—and this time, it’s really, really personal.

But if that weren’t enough to make your inner child jump for joy, Pepsi also just announced that on October 21, they will be releasing Pepsi Perfect in limited quantities with their futuristic trailer that only come directly from the ’80s.

But we all know good things come in threes, so as the icing on the Back to the Future cake, a teaser trailer showing Christopher Lloyd’s return as Doc Brown has debuted directly from Universal. The trailer is said to be a first look at a short film starring the mad scientist himself, released as a bonus feature with the 30th anniversary Blu-Ray set. You can check out all three videos below, hopefully that’ll make the wait slightly more bearable.

The Hundreds Staff