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Photo Set :: Twenty Fifteen 101

Photo Set :: Twenty Fifteen 101

The other day I went to check my go to music blog to see what all the kids are fussing about these days in the realm of contemporary rap music. Typically, I’ll skim through posts clicking on a link here or there until I’m caught up on updates since my last visit. After about 30 pages of Drake posts and formulaic “Day In The Life” mini-documentaries I found myself still far from where I had left off last. It was until I frantically speed read through another 10 or so pages that I had been caught up from my last visit to the site only a week or so prior.

It’s hard to keep up these days. Actually—it’s IMPOSSIBLE to keep up these days.

There’s a lot of pressure to stay in the loop for some form of social sanity. Luckily I’m savvy enough to never stray too far from being in the know. It’s something I actually enjoy having knowledge about. But it gets harder and harder once you begin realizing a lot of this information being consumed has around the corner expiration dates.

It’s almost the end of August now and we’re a strong stride past the half way point of 2015. A lot of shit has gone down. A lot of shit more important then what gets shine too. Every day there’s some TV show someone is baffled that I haven’t watched yet. Every day there’s another Hypebeast in a shirt of a band they don’t listen to. Every day another skater buys a motorcycle. Every day another ex v neck supporter tucks in their shirt. Hah. It’s all so much to take in.

I guess I like to make it my job to remind you that even amidst the mania that is the information age full of horny millennials; it’s important to remember—CREATE MORE THAN YOU CONSUME. Blah blah blah. Preach preach preach. Rant rant rant. Take what you want from all that. Just always remember that times morph into quick and some of the trending topics you’re indulged in will be something to be ashamed of a few months away. Get you some timelessness in your life.

The following is some visual stimuli with some photos of my 2015 that I hope might inspire you to clock in some extra hours on your crafts. Scroll away, young world. Consider it my Twenty Fifteen 101.

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