A Classic, Revisited :: Introducing the

A Classic, Revisited :: Introducing the "Rose English" Pack

By Kazie Holiday

February 16, 2017

The Hundreds iconic “Rose” graphic makes a return in the new “Rose English” Pack, exclusive to our flagships and Online Shop for Spring.

Featuring an Old English “The Hundreds” logo featured prominently alongside our wildly popular embroidered “Rose” logo, the collection includes a hooded coach’s jacket, hooded pullover sweatshirt, long-sleeve T-shirt, and a range of T-shirts.

“Rose English” long-sleeve T-shirt

“Rose English” T-shirt

“Rose English” pullover hooded sweatshirt

One of The Hundreds’ first logos ever was a customized Old English “H,” and the type has appeared consistently throughout our history as a stylistic nod to b-boy crew iron-on Old English logos

“Rose English” coach’s jacket


Kazie Holiday