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"What Is Streetwear?" :: Bobby Hundreds' Newest Op-Ed Finds Answers

"What Is Streetwear?" :: Bobby Hundreds' Newest Op-Ed Finds Answers

“What is streetwear?” That’s a loaded question—and something that no one has the definitive answer to. But The Hundreds head honcho Bobby Hundreds fishes around for differing opinions in his latest op-ed for Complex Style, speaking to some industry legends, musicians, and others who have somehow intertwined streetwear with their careers: A$AP Rocky, Erik Brunetti of FUCT, Jeff Staple, Alyasha Owerka-Moore, and more.

“Subjective experiences make it impossible to nail down a comprehensive streetwear definition,” Bobby states in the piece. It’s something we agree with and see, too: streetwear is constantly evolving, changing, rotating what’s in and what’s not. Even if Tommy Hilfiger himself described it as: “a bit sporty, a bit athletic,” but not “exclusive” to one style; we’ve seen Streetwear’s ethos mesh with luxury and even activewear. Jeff Staple possibly has the most interesting idea of it all—that it evolved out of a grassroots sense of expression: “I like to call it independently created stuff. It wasn’t streetwear yet. It was just people hustling, doing their own thing without any business or financial gain. Just expression.”

New brands develop out of a desire to share culture and narratives; others are built purely from an appreciation for product and an eagerness to create. At the end of the day, who gets to decide what brands are in the realm of Streetwear—the gatekeepers trolling forum comments sections? The pioneers who paved the way for a new set of ideas? The consumers who’ve taken notice?

“Streetwear is about culture. It’s not about clothing,” Bobby concludes. We’ll let you take that how you’d like. Read the op-ed in its entirety over at Complex now.


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