The Hundreds X Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The Hundreds X Space Ghost Coast to Coast

By The Hundreds Staff

November 07, 2019

On Friday, November 8th, The Hundreds is joining forces with Cartoon Network Enterprises around one of the most iconic superhero-slash-talk-show-hosts ever for a collaboration that will shake the galaxy to its core.  The Hundreds x Space Ghost Coast to Coast celebrates one of the most influential adult animation shows, a pioneer that sparked a laundry list of other now-legendary cartoons, either directly or indirectly.

Space Ghost Coast To Coast began airing on Cartoon Network in 1994 and then moved to Adult Swim in 2001. The original series gave Space Ghost, who had been unemployed since his own animated show went off the air in 1968, a new lease on life and renewed purpose. Space Ghost hosted his talk show and featured guests from around the galaxy, including celebrities and his own former foes, showing the world that good content conquers all. The success of this wildly creative cartoon gave us maybe the greatest gift of all, Adult Swim, for which we owe Space Ghost a tremendous debt of gratitude.

When interrupted in an important meeting for an impromptu quote on Space Ghost Coast To Coast, Bobby Hundreds yelled, “IT’S HILARIOUS, PLAIN AND SIMPLE. I LOVE IT.” And that was the beauty of the show, it was simple. And hilarious. And loved.

The Hundreds will pay tribute to this slept-on classic with graphic T-Shirts, a Long-Sleeve Shirt, Pullover Hoodie, and a commemorative Coffee Mug to put on the desk of your own talk show someday.

Get your hands on The Hundreds x Space Ghost Coast to Coast Collection on Friday, November 8th through The Hundreds App, Online Shop, and select retailers worldwide.


The Hundreds Staff