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The Hundreds Red Letter™ 2016

The Hundreds Red Letter™ 2016

For over a decade, The Hundreds’ co-founder Bobby Hundreds has steered the brand through his dedication to storytelling, whether it be through the medium of design, blogging, or photography. Since then, The Hundreds has grown into a full fledged family, taking in ideas from a number of different designers, artists, and influences—and allowing Bobby to take his hands off the wheel and allow a new generation to build upon his work.

This sparked the creation of The Hundreds Red Letter™, a collection designed and photographed solely by Bobby. In his words: “Concept to hanger, The Hundreds Red Letter™ is who I am, looking back, moving forward.” This drop marks the label’s return, with this capsule inspired by early British skinhead culture: A satin sports-inspired jacket, hand-customized camo cargo shorts, zip-up hooded sweatshirt, plaid short-sleeve button-up, and straight-leg light washed denim.

Available now in limited quantities exclusively at The Hundreds flagship stores and our Online Shop.

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