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The Hundreds Fall 2015 D1 Highlights :: Accessories :: Available Now

The Hundreds Fall 2015 D1 Highlights :: Accessories :: Available Now

The Hundreds is proud to announce the arrival of the The Hundreds Fall 2o15 D1 collection, available now at all four shop locations, authorized stockists, and in the Online Shop. Below is an exclusive close up of some of accessories from the collection.

The Hundreds Fall 2015 continues our Californian workwear aesthetic through core fabrications like canvas, twill, flannel, and selvedge denim. But as we celebrate the brand’s 12 years, we magnify our focus on upgraded materials and quality craftsmanship. This is our finest presentation to date, by virtue of custom-made fabrics, tailored silhouettes, and innovative textiles. Minimal branding point towards timelessness. Perfected structure and shape through cotton-bonded brush chambrays and double-knit waffle jerseys. This is The Hundreds in prime form, our strongest foot forward, and our most comprehensive and preeminent collection to date.

Click each image below to shop, and be sure to visit our stores (THLA, THNY, THSF, THSM) and check our stockist list to see where you can shop the Fall 2015 collection near you.

Semester” pencil case

 “Roses” socks

 “Script” belt :: navy, red, and rose

 “Brady” belt :: black, charcoal, and blue

 “Wally” socks :: black and white

 “Polka” socks :: black, navy, and white

 “Andre” socks :: black, red, and blue

 “Hold” socks :: black, khaki, navy, and red

 “Montana wallet


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